PS3 Fanboys Rage over Ultra Low score for Uncharted 2 takes a look at the rage from Uncharted 2 fans that is directed at "low" scoring reviews of the critically acclaimed game.

From the article: "Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2 has released to world wide critical acclaim. It's charting at about a 96 on the fabled "Metacritic" review aggregator, which we all know is the last word in what is good for you. So, the game must be good. Right? However, some critics on the fringe, who have given their own opinions on Uncharted 2, have been met with wide eyed nerd rage over their ridiculously low review scores.

Raging idiotic fanboyism, or shoddy internet journalism? Can there be a winner between the two? Find out, after the jump."

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George Sears3594d ago

Lol. For some reason that's how I picture the fanboys when they see a "bad score" (which means 9/10 oh noeez score)

Darkeyes3594d ago

I got pissed reading that IGN review not cause I am a fanboy, but cause I have played the game and they cut points in unnecessary places (gameplay 8 and lasting appeal 8.5).. Same with GT where there was more bashing than reviewing... And today we finally had the edge review which gave it a 9 (and sadly UC2 dropped from 97 to 96 on Meta).. Again no consistency by reviewers. ODST a 9 and UC2 a 9???? not trying to flame, but ODST isn't even half a game UC2 is, but sadly reviewers forget this when they review 360 games, but every minor flaw catches their eye for a PS3 exclusive..

UC2 is a perfect game... So perfect that even a 9 seems low IMO. Everything from graphics to multiplayer is beyond awesome.. It's truly a next gen game.. This is what I felt when I played it.... Sorry, but a 10/10 from me.

Tinted Eyes3594d ago

Maybe it was the reasons and not the actual score.

bnaked3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

lono is a fool! ^^

Jmlopezbr3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Besides the extreme fanboys, a lot of people who complained, weren't complaining about the score, but mainly because of why the sites took off or held UC2 to a higher standard than other games that have been released recently or in the past, whether or not its because of its ps3 exclusivity.

If given the proper reasons for deducting points, I'm sure many of the people who 'whined' wouldn't have for a score of 9/10 or around that.

morganfell3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )


You are correct. At the same time, the fact there is a most apparent and higher scale kept aside for PS3 exclusives is just idiocy on the part of reviewers. It's is quite simply wrong.


It isn't possible to see the standards or scales such websites use for grading because they have no standards. Not one website or publication lists a detailed (and face it, it would require detail) minimum page long explanation of their standards.

As soon as a site has standards then they have something to which they must adhere and to which fans can hold them accountable. Such an implementation would prevent the willy nilly, often politically motivated half assed scores- both too high or too low - passed out by some of these sites.

Play is run by a village idiot with baboons for writers. They and most sites no longer serve as information but rather as a punchline to games.

As for Sarcasticgamer, they can jump on the fire as well. They pose this question near the beginning:

"Raging idiotic fanboyism, or shoddy internet journalism?"

Yet the article never dares question the integrity of the so called journalists. Instead their pummeling is reserved for PS3 fans by calling their reactions "wide eyed nerd rage" stating they are "horribly scarred."

An intelligent article would have at least examined both sides of the coin. Sarcasticgamer, in what can only viewed as some form of protectionism, not so deftly side steps the issue. Far be it from them to consider there might be some foothold or validity in the angry claims of PS3 fans. That lack of action or direction in the article renders any such conclusion (accusation is more accurate) moot and and as such their small writeup is quite worthless.

Christopher3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

The point isn't that it scores well, the point is that lesser games score just as well or better in the past.

People are in an uproar for the same reason they are with most reviews, they just don't add up compared to the past ratings of other games.

I'm okay with most scores, but when a site gives Uncharted 2 the same score as Halo 3 ODST? Sorry, but in my humble opinion I gotta question how you're really ranking games. In the same vein, when you spend half of the time complaining about the smallest of an issue with the game in your review rather than spending time talking about the other 98% of the game? I gotta question how you're really reviewing games. And when you then throw into your review that it lacks for not being a FPS and not being an open-world game, which by the way are two elements that have rarely been put together in games? Then I gotta question how far you're really looking to make the game look inferior to others.

And this conversation isn't just about Uncharted 2. It's about every single game out there that gets overhyped, shunned, or similarly treated by the 'journalists.'

raztad3594d ago

It's becoming pretty annoying that "journalists", game "critics" instead of producing professional grade reviews or reporting news are just playing the 360 fanboy game with cheap articles like this.

Come on, you want your site/blog reviews to be taken seriously? STOP complaining about your readers and write consistent reviews, regardless the platform.

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ZombieAutopsy3594d ago

Because a score is low and someone doesnt agree with it their a fanboy??? Good to know i guess.

George Sears3594d ago

It wasn't a low score. Read the article.

pswi603594d ago

it's not a low score, but a 9 is the lowest score this game has received on MC.

basically, this is how i see it:

Journalist rages over fanboys raging over gaming site that rages over a ps3 exclusive that's better than anything on the 360

360 gamers lose, then come to the internet and lose again...haha

in order to play the highest rated exclusive this gen, you need a ps3. period.

IdleLeeSiuLung3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

No disagreeing is just fine. However, posting offensive and attacking comments because you disagree is. How about at least post a comment that discusses WHY you disagree instead of "u f'kin retard!"

A great game doesn't mean you can't criticize it and a review doesn't make it a poor game not to mention, IGN UK gave it a very respectable 9/10. How many games get 9/10?

ZombieAutopsy3594d ago

i did read the article, what i meant to write is LOWER SCORE.

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lokiroo4203594d ago

An entire article on fanboys, FAIL.

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