Play Magazine: Uncharted 2 Review

Play Magazine writes: "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a spectacular video-game. It's an interactive big-budget Hollywood movie, suffused with the soul of a pulp adventure novel. Drama, romance, and action fill every virtual inch of Uncharted's ten-plus hours, and the environment is rendered in stupidly gorgeous detail. The settings are well-researched, and the level design is evenly laid out, implying path without directing it. The music is satisfying-a well-paced mix of familiar film score hits and World beats. The animation is unlike any game I've played before, with hundreds of unique actions melded together into a rigorous flow. And though the game features a paint-by-numbers plot with few surprises, the characters which populate the world of Uncharted are well-written and exceptionally well-acted. The dialogue crackles with mirth and life. And the multiplayer offers endless variation on the Uncharted move set, by pitting the player against others just like him. This game is sugar."

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pswi603602d ago

OMG - the trolling.

This review score is pretty solid, but let me point something out. Anytime you read a review, and it says "this is the game ps3 owners have been waiting for", that reviewer is biased.

The reason? Because as a ps3 gamer, I haven't been waiting for anything. I have been playing many diverse AAA games, while biased reviewers need ps3 games to "move them" or "win them over".

While games like Forza 3 and Halo:ODST are given passes by the media for being basically expansion packs/upgrades, ps3 games are put thru the ringer; Egde was trying to dog UC:2 for being a third person Or we get gametrailers saying it's "unoriginal", even though this entire generation, they've been trying to make ps3 games look bad. (Games need to be fun, not "original", which is why I loved Gears 2, because it was just like Gears 1 except better)

Just remember, in order to play the highest rated exclusive this gen, you need a ps3. Period.

Pennywise3601d ago

OMG - The sarcasm over your head.

kaaos6663602d ago

Dude this is bs they gave brutal legend a 10/10