On this whole Xbox 720 business…

Variety writes:

"I suppose the timing is just about right for these rumors to pop up. Fudzilla, quoting unnamed "industry sources" is saying that ATI has secured the GPU rights to the next generation Xbox.Xbox-720

To be fair: It may have. It wouldn't be all that surprising, given the smooth graphics of the Xbox 360 and the lingering bad blood between Microsoft and nVidia over the pricing of graphics chips in the original Xbox.

But, folks, we're still a good ways away from the next Xbox. And Fudzilla hurts its credibility by saying the console refresh was planned for 2010. That wasn't the plan before the recession and it wasn't the plan when the Xbox 360 launched."

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glennc3598d ago

it really would be a dumb thing if MS went the driveless route. if any of them did. we would all lose out by having to pay the ridiculous prices from one place without the benefit of competing game retailers. basically a monoploy with that console. and you can forget about discounted games and games on sale. i for one will probably stop playing games if that happens.

loveexists3598d ago

If this noise was true, it stands as a testament on how MS treats their consumers