VGarabia: Forza 3 review: The best driving game ever made?

VGarabia: Since the day GT had introduced the simulation aspect in driving games on the PS one, and driving games has set the vidoegames world on fire. There were a lot of games that had tried to compete with the GT franchise, but they had failed to capture the popularity of the GT games.

The first Forza game on the Xbox was Microsoft answer to Sony's GT. The game was critically acclaimed and had managed to sell good amount of copies. It was the birth of a monster franchise that will get better with every new release.

Now, with the third entry in the series will be soon in your hands, the big question is: is the game worth the money and the hype?

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4Sh0w3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I'll be playing this game for a long time.

Foliage3596d ago

It's the 3rd review ever from this blog, and all of them have 9+ scores...

chaosatom3596d ago

Maybe he doesn't own a PS3.

I can understand.

immortal843596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Those games are some of the best games that has been released this year and they really deserve all the high scores.

Leathersoup3595d ago

It's quite possible that the reviewer does not receive review copies of games. Usually when that is the case, one tends to only pick up games that look good or are worth playing.

ShadowCK3595d ago

Forza 3 is going to the amazing. GT5 can go to hell.

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hardcore19123596d ago

The game is looking good and it's getting high review scores everywhere.

thebudgetgamer3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

i cant wait this is going to be the first game i buy when i get a 360.

:) its good to be a gamer.

PS3 slim3596d ago

This game just feels right never mind the graphics, features and Multi player.

PS3 slim3596d ago

Great review..

LOL @the sour grapes disagrees assuming people are disagreeing because of the game and not some mental disorder personal vendetta

PS3 slim3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

As I thought... A PS3 fan that doesn't have the 360 responded for personal reasons. So the latter of the two reasons in my in my comment #3.1.

Sane people would put people on ignore but when you have emotional and mental disorders you need the attention/conflict. I'm Most likely being used as an venting vessel for your issues in real life.

I don't like you either but I don't stalk you with harassing malice driven comments lol.

Enjoy Forza 3 when you "get a 360" lol

thebudgetgamer3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

you wondered i told you.

:) you're right though whats wrong with me praising games on a console i dont own.

thebudgetgamer3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

so you create an account to antagonize people and now you're butt hurt.


Antan3596d ago

PS3 SLIM, How many new accounts are young to keep making? POG, WHY DIS, REALLY DUH, COOLIRIS, I DID NOT MURDER HIM?

I`ve told you before, if your going to abuse the system and make a new account, at least put some effort into making yourself sound different!

PS3 slim3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Say what? OMG!

I'm sorry for saying Forza 3 is really fun because it handles so real? Jesus.

I have no idea what you are saying but it's not true. You guys have issues.

EDIT lol

You're sitting here waiting for me to respond and you did it with in a minute. How do I know you're not coming to your own rescue with your other account so you save bubbles.

LMAO Sitting here waiting to get revenge with your other account. Sad.

You also disagreed with my first comment simply because I said Forza feels right. Talk about issues. Hmm. you guys don't talk about how you disagree with my opinion when it comes to the the topic. You "both" happen to attack me like I have done something to you almost like you can care less about the topic.

I don't know how you got so many bubbles the only time I see you is when you're attacking people.

Let it go Forza 3 is AAA. I don't see why you disagreed with my first comment in the first place and felt the need to attack me. Perhaps what I said in my comment 3.1 hit home with you? I'm not sure you guys are two different people so I say YOU.

Why is it when I pwn somebody with 9 or 10 bubbles 3 or 4 others with 9 or 10 bubbles comes to that person's rescue? Hmmm.

ANTAN is tracking my comments saying the same thing to all of my comments. It's obvious I pissed you off when replying to your >thebudgetgamer account<

Antan3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Thanks for the ignore also, that must be all 6 of your accounts now is it ;). LMAO!

"I'm sorry for saying Forza 3 is really fun because it handles so real? Jesus."

You 1st comment, thats great, but as per usual you then go on the attack because someones opinion differs from yours, true to form.

"How do I know you're not coming to your own rescue"

Are you for real?! Rescue from what exactly? I have plenty of bubbles to say what i need to say. I don`t agree or disagree with anyone, not my thing, but you know this from our past "get togethers".

On Toic-: Great review, cant wait.

Off topic-: Im not attacking you, far from it, im pointing one of your many flaws. You mention your likes, nice, but then you go on the attack because someone said something you didn`t like, and as usual you spat your dummy out, and now "as per usual" you want to be the victim.

"I don't know how you got so many bubbles the only time I see you is when you're attacking people."

And how would you know my post history of 4 years if you`ve only been here for several days? LOL......Come on POG, this is me your talking to, not some little dipstick bedroom boy like most on here! Accept the facts, you are an abuser of the system, and you have many accounts.

"Why is it when I pwn somebody"

"Pwning" only works if you have one account. As you can see, ive "pwned" you at every turn.

thebudgetgamer3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )


:) i got my bubbles because i dont go around bashing people ansd i respect my fellow gamers no matter what console they own.

maybe we are the same person, maybe the ps3 conspiracy is right, perhaps someones a little paranoid.

i also think forza is aaa.

Antan3596d ago

"PS3 SLIM is tracking my comments saying the same thing to all of my comments. It's obvious I pissed you off when i told eveyone of your new account, to go with your other 5 accounts".

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immortal843596d ago

it isn't impossible, everything can be done.

3596d ago
MetalGearRising3596d ago

Its a impossible task for GT5 to try and come close to Forza 3 which i doubt GT5 will ever recover and be what it was once.

immortal843596d ago

you have to know one thing nothing is impossible, and that double the truth when you are talking about the GT franchise. But kudos for Turn 10 for raising the bar.

ndibu3596d ago

No i think you're thinking about the PGR series.../jk lol

Greywulf3596d ago

"Forza 3 look great and sexy, but not mind blowing. The cars look stunning with lots of details. Coxkpit view adds more diversity to the game, but the cars interiors could look a bit better. The tracks look great with some nice vistas to see, but some tracks look better than the other. The developers seems to have lessened the visual effects to run the game at 60 FPS. As you will not see a lot of dust or smoke behind your car when you race on the sidetracks. The damage system in the game add more realism to the game, but sometimes it look fake and not accurate. But really who cares about this when the game is so much fun to play."

And to wrap it all up, nothing new to the franchise over forza2.

Lets see:

-Livery editor. Yep.. forza2..

thats all he highlights.

Much like all 360 games, the hype is better than the actual game is.

Arnon3596d ago

"And to wrap it all up, nothing new to the franchise over forza2."

Lol... you kind of contradicted yourself by quoting a piece of the article that mentions the c0ckpit view, which was not in Forza 2.

JOLLY13596d ago

He really doesn't like the 360 and good review scores for games that mildly compete with a ps game, he really dislikes.

Greywulf3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Right, they comment on how its not great.

I dont mean nothing literally. But all the PRO's were Pro's in forza2. The zzckpit wasn't one of them.

Again, the best racing game. But with no explanation outside of the features f2 already had.Read the review.

Im just saying, much like ODST/and all 360 games. The review is trying to build this picture of some amazing product. Then highlights all of its shortcomings and gives em a pass :). ITs fine, just hilarious.

Man_of_the_year3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

What about the online? There were a lot of tweaks for the online. Like selling tuning if you are a good tuner, or selling your car designs without having to sell the car. Or what about setting up the number of auctions so that your car/details/tuning is limited thus making it a limited and scarce product. All that was not in Forza 2. What about flipping of the car? Also not in Forza 2.

I guess when you are an angry Droid you will reach and grasp at straws but thats ok. I like watching kids like you throw virtual tantrums over the internet in forums. GT had it's chance, now they are playing catch-up. They let the series stagger and that is why the reviews have declined. Just a fact. Franchises like Forza have raised the bar, which is good for the GT franchise as now PD cannot ignore what their fans demand and keep making re-hashed versions of GT1 but with prettier graphics. People want MORE. Well except for droids like you who are content with the same thing over and over again but with a prettier package.

Greywulf3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I think its a proven fact that the 360 audience is definitely the one that loves playing the same games over and over again. I dont think thats up for debate at this point.

Lets say I loved F2, I loved the 8 cars on the road, and the livery editor as well as the auction house.Now, with F3 i get...8 cars, No animated vehicles or driver, no weather, no dynamic light,but better livery editor, more auction options, vehicle rollover, and a cxckpit view. And thats now considered the best driving game? And you dare try to pretend that Turn10 raised any bar for the driving gameplay of the game and evolved the series? HA!

Forza is a great series. But you and I both know 360 games don't have problems getting scores they dont deserve. I mean when is the last time a 360 game was robbed from its "AAA" status with questionable reviews? Especially with all reviews bashing Gran Turismo to start with. Come on now.

GT sure as hell isn't the best driving game out there, and nothing Turn10 has done in F3 qualifies as the best anything. Especially when all the claims of supremacy are debunked by all reviews saying the visuals are lacking, and hardly discuss the driving portion of the game. Just the online cat & mouse modes and how theres now autobraking.Which TUrn10 stated were the best mind you.

Again, spec by spec. F3 isn't the best at anything besides a livery editor and online options.

Fun game. Like shift

GT plays "catchup" yet Forza innovates and leads by adding a cxckpit view, Rewind, and HDR lighting? lol. GT is about replicating driving. Its always been about that, which is why its the more successful franchise. Car enthusiast/community loves GT because its the closest thing to reality many people can get to it.Enjoying these beautiful vehicles on a track is the point of it, and simulations. GT has survived all driving games including Forza3 because they are merely just the flavor of the month driving game that cant replicate the success of GT.

JOLLY13596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Like same 2d trees, same tire squeel, same bumper cars, same static cars (no aero kits), same tracks. I could be wrong, maybe you meant same cars over and over with just a year difference, or same manufacturers (or lack of manufacturers). I don't know...

@ the funny guy below me. I bet you have a friend in the room that punches you in the face everytime you hit a wall hard. I also know you never use restart, that would be too arcadey. It sucks never getting past 1% complete huh?

cryymoar3596d ago

i cringed when i saw Forza 3's review on Xplay.
that game looks terrible!
and a disgrace to racing sims.

LOL rewind feature.
Why don't you bots rewind and buy a PS3 instead of your 5th xbox?

3596d ago
Greywulf3596d ago

Jolly, do we really need to go over forza's graphics & 2d trees w/low polygon cars, bad lighting, and 8 cars on the road? I mean.. Really?

I thought you were done trying to pretend Forza was amazing after turn10 lied and admitted they use higher polygon models for the Menu, then Photomode, then one for the start of races, to only be reduced to a low polygon forza2 model while you race. And has jaggies everywhere. hell I remember you lied and said you were going to post your pictures you took at PAX.But for some reason I never got that pm.

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