80GB PS3 For Other Regions?

While not confirming the 80GB will be released elsewhere, the company certainly point out that it is an option.

Sony has stated that the company may consider releasing the 80GB PS3 model outside of South Korean territories, but as of yet stated there are no plans to do so.

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sak5004582d ago

Like i said it in another thread, probably 60gb is in short supply so they are putting 80gb ones instead in the newer stock. Nothing to do with any strategic move in my opinion. Since the existing PS3 stocks are flooded in US and EU so the 80gbs in the newer models are going to Korea first.

I worked in IT hardware distribution company and at that time 20GB desktop drives were all rage but once 40GB became mainstream and there was shortage of 20 ones in the market so the price of 40 was almost brought down to the level of 20 so as to push the stocks of 40 gig.

richie007bond4582d ago

All i can say is am more than happy just with my 60 gig PS3,besides if need more space i can change the drive myself.