Is Spotify coming to the PS3?

PocketLint: It's no great secret that Spotify is expanding sideways at a rate of knots. Now that it's got its core desktop music-streaming experience locked down, it wants more little added benefits that it can over to premium subscribers to convince them to shell out an tenner a month.

Among those little added benefits are the removal of ads, higher audio quality, mobile applications, exclusive content, and they could soon be joined by the ability to stream music through your games console - specifically the PS3.

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Godmars2903316d ago

If it doesn't do it better than Pandora and Grooveshark, what's the point?

faisdotal3316d ago

It's better than those imo.

Ninjamonkey3316d ago


If they could have spotify do this in game that would be awesome.

Hellsvacancy3316d ago

It REALLY would b good - but doubtful

D3acon3316d ago

why is this better than tversity?