inFamous 2 Audition Went 'Great,' Says Actor David Sullivan

G4TV writes:

"When I broke word yesterday that actor David Sullivan (of the fantastic sci-fi film Primer) had auditioned for a possible recasting of inFamous main character Cole McGrath for inFamous 2, news spread fast. Sullivan embraced the news on Twitter before someone -- likely from Sony or Sucker Punch -- asked him to take down any references to inFamous.

"Thank you all for your interest and your support," he told his Twitter followers. "I will continue to keep you updated on things I book which are, in no way, private."

Earlier in the day, however, Sullivan received word of my story, telling me over Twitter the audition for the part "went great." He did not elaborate on any other details of the audition."

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Darkeyes3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

This guy needs to close the lid or might end up in trouble... Either ways, it's awesome new for PS3 owners as Infamous is the best IP of 09. Better graphics and some sort of multi-player(not essential, but will be icing on cake if it happens) is what I need from 2.... Another protagonist helper wouldn't hurt either...

LarVanian3599d ago

I wonder as to why they are looking to recast Cole? Jason Cottle did a great job on his voice in the first game.

rdgneoz33598d ago

He did a great job as the voice actor of Cole for the first game, don't see why they'd change him. Hopefully Sullivan just gets the part of a different character.

Sevir043598d ago

who knows, I enjoyed Infamous and the best new IP on the Ps3 this year... i haven't played DS but this could also be the best new ip of 2009 for Sony... as it has been getting raving reviews. I still cant wait to play Infamous 2 now that we know the game is in developmet. O cant wait. since i know the game will look better and have new features and powers.. I hope though that there are more areas other than empire city. the share scope and scale of the game must get bigger to make the game that much more better. other than that i cant wait.