MGU Review: Qix

MGU writes: "The hearts of many enthusiastic retro gamers must be surely leaping at the prospect of playing the classic game of Qix.

For those of you who weren't born during or before the 80's, or simply were unable to get your hands on a computer at the time, Qix is an arcade puzzler where you must avoid being hit whilst claiming a proportion of the screen for yourself. To claim parts of the board you must use your small cursor to cut up the screen in a kind of 'etch-a-sketch' style of lines (called stix). By completing a shape (drawing a line from a border to the same or other border), the space is painted in your colour and you are awarded points."

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harrisk9543599d ago

One of my favorite games of all time. I spent many hours and many quarters on this game back in the old coin-op days! Back then, developers had to be creative in their game designs because of the lack of computing power. Games were more abstract, unique, and in many ways more addictive than games today. Coin-op favorites like Qix, Tempest, Missle Command, Centipede, Qbert and Tetris (even though Tetris came out years after the others) are amongst the most unique and addictive games of all time.