MGU Review: Peggle (iPhone)

MGU writes: "Welcome to Planet Earth. Here on this little blue and green planet we love to play video games. Man, woman, boy, girl and Leprechaun are rather fond of wasting away the hours divulging in mild entertainment for the brain and thumbs. If you're a Martian, or a human who has somehow managed to avoid video games all of your life, then perhaps PopCap's illustrious back catalogue of addictive games mean nothing to you. Normal people, on the other hand, may share my excitement when I say with total enthusiasm - Peggle is on the iPhone!

In the gaming world it's a common fact that the simple games tend to be the most addictive and time consuming. Final Fantasy obsessives may disagree, stating that FF games feature these attributes while also offering complex game play, but we don't listen to them. Selecting a command and watching the fight is not particularly complex or enjoyable, but that's another review Where was I? Ah yes, Peggle.

Peggle has a very basic premise, with little to no brain work required, but what it does possess is hugely entertaining game-play and fist-raising satisfaction. If you are one of the unfortunate few who has never had the privilege of playing Peggle, then you're missing out on one of the finest games ever created by man. If, in fact, man did make this game. I'm more inclined to believe it was grown in fields or given to us by those Martians I spoke of earlier."

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