Obama Artist Commissioned for DJ Hero Renegade Edition

Throughout the years, one aspect of society that has remained separate from the games industry is politics. Maybe games have not matured enough to touch on political topics or maybe nobody is really interested anyways. Whatever the case, politics and gaming have been like oil and water.

However, the two worlds of gaming and politics are briefly aligning this Fall in the form of DJ Hero's Renegade Edition 2-CD Pack with Eminem and Jay-Z. The cover of this pack was designed by the "HOPE" Barack Obama campaign image artist Shepard Fairey. Read on for more dry and captivating info.

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Product3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Sad how no one in gaming really knows of Shepard Fairey. Great artist. Saw his first solo exhibition in Boston about 2 months ago. Crazy how he got the idea for Obey from the movie They Live. Great exhibition, great artist.