Planet Xbox 360: Band Hero - Hands-On Preview

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "The famous saying "one ring to rule them all" does not apply when it comes to music-based video games, that being never more evident than this Holiday season. Activision is making sure there is something out there for every type of music loving gamer and the newest addition to the 'Hero" franchise is the family-friendly Band Hero; which hits store shelves early next month. Although the hardcore Guitar Hero fans may not be lining up to jam out, with the game's pop-rock set-list there is enough new content to at least make the game seem needed and relevant. The development team at Neversoft is shifting focus with Band Hero, focusing on the pop-cultured craze of today's society. Included in the game are a number of celebrity avatars that are completely controllable by the player, it's also obvious that the choice of songs this time around is aimed at a completely different gamer. The Guitar Hero franchise has always been about Rock-and-Roll until now; Band Hero is taking everything you thought you knew about the series and turning it on it's head, in a good way."

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