Gamer Limit Dual DLC Review: Fallout 3: Broken Steel

Gamer Limit writes: "Let's face it. The ending that Bethesda had originally intended for Fallout 3 was incredibly anticlimactic. You're left with a decision, and you get a cutscene based upon it and then its over.

Broken Steel makes a valiant attempt at rectify this problem, allowing you to play beyond the original intended ending of the game. Is it worth it? Let's figure that out. Oh, and by the way:"

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iHEARTboobs3601d ago

Damn, I want this. Only problem is I just got Uncharted 2 and Demons Soul's and wont have time for this for a while. And I must say, Uncharted might be in the back burner for a while because DS is addicting. I love how the online works too. Get the game if you haven't already!

I'm sure i'll get this and play it eventually though.