Best Buy honoring "buy 2 get 1 free" Toys 'R' Us deal

Gamer Limit has discovered that Best Buy stores all across the country are honoring the Toys 'R' Us "buy 2 get 1 free" weekly deal. Considering they have a much larger selection of games, and they stock more of each, Best Buy is definitely the best place to go to take advantage of this incredible deal. Make sure you call your local store first though, as it's not 100% guaranteed that every one is matching this offer.


It appears that not all Best Buy stores are honoring this deal at this time. Apparently some stores have received memos instructing managers not to honor it. Please make sure you call your local store to double check before you head out there.

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chrisjc3596d ago

I already used up my cash on Toys 'R' Us :(

Darkstorn3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

This article is wrong. Only about half of the BBs nationwide are honoring the deal, and the longer you wait, the fewer stores will do so. There is an ongoing conversation on the deals here:

archemides5183596d ago

got the same "we match prices but not promotions" line other people are demon's souls for me :(

Beast_Master3596d ago

Yeap picked up UC2, BL and Wet, from TRU. hoping to exchange Wet next week for Borderlands or R&C. Would have pefered to get NGS2 or Demon Souls but TRU doesn't stock them.

Fullish3596d ago

No monies either :(
Damn them

TheGameLlama3596d ago

Wonder if they'd do it at a Best Buy in a town in which there is no Toys R Us...?

crck3596d ago

Best Buy moved into our closest old Toys R US building. They also closed down the other 2 Toys R US stores within 10 miles. Gotta drive 20 miles now to get to the closest one. But yeah I wonder the same thing.

blu_yu_away3596d ago

BB only Pms local competitors, I think its something like a 10 or 20 mile radius.

djfullshred3596d ago

No matter to me...I just picked up Uncharted 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, & Brutal Legend at Toy's R Us. Pretty good score, considering they don't have as much selection as best Buy.

Darkstorn3596d ago

Good choice, my friend. I am also going to pick up U2 and BL with this deal, but I'm hoping for Littlebigplanet: GOTY as my free game.

hektop3596d ago

Got Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend and Ninja Gaiden Sima 2 on Toys R Us and I am very happy, but it seems I will be sleeping a lot less in the next months.

Beast_Master3596d ago

@Dark good luck UC2 and bL are sold out at almost every TrU in the country.

@heck. good score considering NGS2 isn't stocked at Toys R US! neither is Demon souls, or Fallout GOTY edition. you must have price matched or are a liar.

Darkstorn3596d ago

Yeah, TRU doesn't stock many 'M' games. As a matter of fact, the only reason I'm settling with LBP is because TRU doesn't stock NG Sigma 2.
@Beast_Master: Wish me luck! I know they have BL, but I'm waiting on a U2 shipment. Hopefully tomorrow... *crosses fingers

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solar3596d ago

damn it...might have to get a few more titles now. thinking Skate 2, NHL10, and either inFamous or Batman:AA :/

boodybandit3596d ago

I picked up GH5, Beatles, Halo ODST, Fallout 3 (<-Xmas gifts) and UC2, NHL 2010 for myself.

I was thinking taking advantage of this again before the deal is over. Maybe Brutal Legend but I can't think of 2 more. Skate 2 sounds like a good idea.

@Darkstorn how does Skate 2 compare to the original (graphics, features, options, modes)?

Maybe I will give Best Buy a try since they have a better selection and are a lot closer to my home.

Darkstorn3596d ago

The graphics are about the same, but the online play is where it's at. You can invite up to 6 people to come into you game and just Skate around the city, or do challenges, etc. It's a very entertaining game, and there are lots of secret areas to unlock. There are some good video reviews of it on Giantbomb and Gametrailers I believe.

blu_yu_away3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

If you're not dead set on Skate 2 you could pick up inFamous, Batman AA and NHL 10 on Amazon's 3-for-2 deal. No tax plus the games are all under the MSRP Tru or BB would charge. Would save you probably an additional $15.

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