Is the Wii Bad for the Future Games Industry and the Core Gamer?

With motion sensing Nintendo have created a worrying trend, and it's now a rather alarming future for the core gamers amongst us.

This article touches on those concerns..

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Nathan Drake23602d ago

wii is sh*t.i hope nintendo will bankrupt.

i ask myself why would wii owners,who doesn't care about HD,buy the next nintendo i said i hope nintendo will bankrupt.

GWAVE3602d ago

Frankly, it doesn't affect the hardcore gamers. The PS3 and 360 are both selling really well, and "core" games still sell in the millions.

Beast_Master3602d ago

Why are people discussing this? The Wii is for children.. Let the kids have their own console for goodness sakes.

glennc3602d ago

exactly what i think. the industry needs the wii. if i was a parent and had young children i would buy them nintendo everytime.

there will always be a market for core games as the demographic is aging, with the more mature player making up a huge chunk of the game player population.

Sony and MS can do what they want with their motion sensing, it doesn't affect me in the slightest.

self-centred BS article

Fierce Musashi3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Really now? The Wii has core games dumb @$$es. Motion Controls doesn't really change that. Has anyone any idea how much core Nintendo titles are out there compared to the stuff like Wiisports.

All of this crap like shovleware and kiddy games is primarily 3rd party devs fault for being lazy with the console from the very start. Rember, Nintendo wanted the Wii to be "Everyone's Console". Not "The Casuals and Kid's Console".

If Nintendo didn't want the Wii to be for core gamers then in no way would they support games like Twilight Princess (one of the first Wii games), Metroid Prime 3 & Trilogy, Mario Galaxy (one of the highest rated games this generation), Fire Emblem, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, Punch-Out, Mario Kart Wii, etc.

Also if Nintendo wanted their console to be all kiddy, then they would NEVER allow MadWorld to be released for the Wii.

They also wouldn't be teaming up with TEAM NINJA (TEAM FREAKIN NINJA) to make their next Metroid title.


Tell me, since when have you started gaming? This gen? Why should anyone care about HD in videogames? Graphics and HD dont keep games from sucking, so what's the big deal?

This entire article is bs and just there to bring out the fanboys and haters of N4G. In other words: Flamebait.

Naturally I might have loads of nut-less fanboys marking "dissagrees" left and right.

asdr3wsfas3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Agree with above saying nintendo has hardcore games. Play metroid or hotd 2 and 3 return and tell me that's not hardcore. His list is just a start and leaves out plenty of gamer's games.

Screw HD...HD games are easy or watered down pc titles. You find me something like trauma center besides a nintendo console. Or the marble/mercury titles. Wii basically resurrected marble madness and I have to hear you morons tell me those games are for play mercury meltdown revolution or the marble games and tell me they aren't hardcore.

Metroid prime trilogy isn't hardcore to you, neither is Muramasa, No More Heroes, Madworld, HOTD Overkill, zelda (HA), paper mario, SMG, new mario, metal slug, batallion wars, -bikini zombie slayers-, RE4, RE: Umbrella Chronicles, Bomberman, or megaman 9. For the love of god A Boy and His Blob is now on wii. What are you guys playing, the same unreal engine we got sick of years ago on pc? I like my ps3 but aren't you all a little sick of gimped fps ports yet?

Somehow a bunch of chumps convinced the world that NES titles and saturn/dreamcast games aren't hardcore (Samba de Amigo, hotd 2 and 3, nights, Super Monkey Ball...). What's hardcore are watered down pc games...

The wii has coming MH3, Tastuoko vs Capcom, NMH2, Sin and Punishment 2, Grinder, Gladiator, and more.

The pc model of console gaming only hurts the actual platform games like fallout and COD are designed for. And you chumps blame the wii for ruining your games...

Rmagnus3602d ago

well said, couldn't put it better myself. I am a big ps3 fan myself but to say wii games are just for casual thats just plain ignorant. Most of the folks here bashing Wii don't even own a wii. They just go along with the crowd. There are games that are pretty darn good without HD ( Shocking? I know) Was late to the wii party myself just got it about 2 months ago and I am already pretty amazed at some of the gems they have, games like Muramasa, Little King's story, HOTD Overkill etc. A new super mario bros games is coming up in a month or so and A boy and his blob was just released a few days back.
Really enjoy have a Wii and ps3!

Its been a fantastic year for me so far and next year is shaping up to be even more crazy if possible March= Monster Hunter 3, God of war 3, GT5 and maybe WKC and FF13 and thats just for March

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thebudgetgamer3602d ago

i dont really care for the wii, but if only 15% that warent gamers before become "hardcore" gamers after its good for the industry.

asdr3wsfas3602d ago

I stopped console gaming at ps1 then got a wii and bought a ps3 3 months later. Lapsed gamers are a large nintendo market.

NotoriousWarrior3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I think it will increase the gaming industry and create more hardcore gamers but technologically wii may ruin it.

I mean if nintendo makes their new console similar and low end hardware whats that going to do to the game industry. MS might follow this trend and aim for a similar audience or create hardware/software that appeal to both meaning that it wont be high quality would ruin things.


I hope low end/poor hardware always go out of business that will tech the competition to go the other direction.

asdr3wsfas3602d ago


Buy a pc. You get gimped ports on gimped consoles. 512mb ram per HD system and we play on 4+gb. Your processors are in order instruction...if you knew what this was you'd laugh hard. Most top games run in 640p or at best 720p. We did this years ago on pc...

DonCorneo3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

online service fee
no exclusives
disc scratching
expansion pack at full price
a community of whiny tweens
expensive accessories
gimping multiplatform games
laggy p2p

3602d ago
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