Sierra Entertainment Unshackles The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena

Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, announced today that The Chronicles of Riddick will blast onto Microsoft's Xbox 360, and debut on the PLAYSTATION 3 system, for the first time. Taking advantage of new hardware technologies, the game will present a reinvention of Escape from Butcher Bay, delivering 2004's award winning experience in high definition with stunning enhancements. Also included is the Dark Athena chapter, an expansion of the original game with an exciting new story and new gameplay features.

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SuperSaiyan44220d ago

I think they are going to something different for the PS3 controller so you can use it to perform moves which is obvious which should be fun in a sick way lol.

This was a great game on the old Xbox both graphically and gameplay wise and it is very rare to have a movie spin off game that does that well like Riddick did.

Looking forward to getting the Xbox 360 version (I own both consoles but 360 is my preference).

Premonition4219d ago

Cant wait to pick this up.

THAMMER14219d ago

I'm going to go buy the old one after work today just for fun.

id dot entity4219d ago

This is great news! I see The Chronicles Of Riddick as the best movie game made so far. Too bad my PC didn't give me an optimal experience. But the 360 will!

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