Bright Hub's Guide to Gaming as a Parent

Bright Hub writes: "When I found out I was going to have a child of my own, I realized that my gaming habits were definitely going to be affected. No longer would I be able to commit to raiding with my guild whenever they called or spend countless hours grinding various factions. Neither would I be able to stay up as late as necessary to finish that one last quest or finally topple some troublesome dungeon boss.

The way I saw it, my gaming life was pretty much over.

Fortunately, that was far from the truth. Like most things when you become a parent, you simply find a way to adapt your hobbies around your new responsibilities. So, while I'm not quite the 40-hour-a-week player I may have once been, I still find time to play my favorite MMORPGs. With my help, you can too. Check out these hints and tips for incorporating gaming into your new life as a parent."

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Muckbeast3601d ago

Great tips. As a parent of two, this is really helpful advice. Both of my kids are starting to get into games as well, so it will be a whole gaming family soon.