Resistance Before "Fall of Man": Introducing I8

Split-screen: "Resistance has in a short time become an intriguing franchise in this seventh generation of console gaming. The game fully reached it's potential with the second game in the series, who's visual scale and fun single-player matched the more hyped FPS games of this generation. However, in the journey that it took to become the game we know well as Resistance, Insomniac had an altogether different approach with the series."

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Sevir043597d ago

While i found resistance 2 an amazing experience, i still felt like R2 could have been better. as R:fom was far more gritty and bleak, and gave a true sense of desperation. things that made the game stand out to me were the gritty graphics, the awesome feel of the weapons and the weapon wheel, not only that but the narrator also tied the story together, the action was paced perfectly and it was intense. and there were plenty of wow factors about it. also the games Hero moments made you want to help out an enemy Ai more because they actually got stuff done. the game was just awesome, resistance 2 although amazing was really not everything R:FOM was... it's personality felt more like a COd clone and that kinda alienated it from the first. and it's weapon wheel wasn't there either. while i enjoyed the story, sometimes i had to replay certain parts to get the connection they made as teh story was told through dialog. and Nathan felt more like a Marcus fenix than an actual human struggling with the Chimeran virus... it wasn't a very personal game. and i didn't feel sorry for him being *SPOILER* shot at the end of the game.

I'm praying Resistance 3 and i know it's in development is going to return back to all that made the first game stand out along with all the Great things of R2, being the scale, the co-op and the and those amazing boss fights, like the leviathan and the the super crawler, and tyhe meroder. those were all some amazing boss fighter. oh and bring back Split screen co-op back to the SP because R:fom did it right. and it was awesome. there engine will be a fith generation engine By the time R3 ships, so it should be even better and support more things as they further optimise the game.

ExgamerLegends23597d ago

Resistance 3 is going to be so awesome it hurts. If they add...

-Weapon Wheel
-I want to see Capelli, Blake, The british guy from the first one AND the main guy from Retribution AS playable characters in co-op campaign.
-Add the 8 player co-op as well but still have the 4 player co-op in campaign
-No need to add more players...60 is fine *looks at MAG* <.<
-Though Hale was a jerk I hope he's alive
-Grittier graphics
-New weapons (and some old favs)

Yea that's pretty much it.... anything else?

BlackIceJoe3596d ago

I really like things like these. That show you how games you like and different things were changed in the game. I for one so hope when R3 comes out R3 will use the color in FOM. Because I liked the darker look in the first game then the second. Plus have the Chimera needing the Snow to survive again. I also want to see Vehicles too. I know in the end what happens in R2 but I so would love to see co-op in the campaign come back and this time Nathan Hale & Richard Grayson work together to take down the Chimera. I really liked FOM more but there was some great things in R2 and if you can take the goods in one and add the good from two then R3 will be one incredible game.