Friday Release Day Faceoff – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves VS Brutal Legend (Alternative Magazine Online)

Many British PS3 gamers will face something of a dilemma this coming Friday (16th October 2009). This is because two major releases are occurring on the same day: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves by Naughty Dog and Brutal Legend by Double Fine Productions. So if you only have money for one game this Friday, which should it be? Alternative Magazine Online will attempt to present balanced arguments for both games deserving a purchase, so that players can then make the most informed decision possible.

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ThatCanadianGuy3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I wasn't really sold on the Brutal legend demo..

I liked the setting, characters and voice acting.The jack black comedy was a nice touch too.But i thought the gameplay felt so..last gen..

For me, it was a no brainer.Uncharted 2 all the way.
If i had the money to spare tho, i would pick up Brutal legend for sure.

Side note -
Uncharted 2 is the best game i've ever played.The only thing wrong with it is that it has to end :(

MartyMcFly883600d ago

As a long term fan of Tim Schafer, it wasn't as clear cut for me! Writing this article was as much for my own piece of mind to justify the money spent :P Uncharted 2 has blown me away so far though. I am sure Brutal Legend will be just as fun, if not quite as pretty...

Syronicus3600d ago

Uncharted is by far the best game I have played this gen. You just do not get any better than this.

Beast_Master3599d ago

Or you could do like me and do the Toys 'r' us buy 2 get 3rd game free and get both games plus a free one..I got Wet and will swap it next week for Borderlands.

lordkemp0073600d ago

Thats a tough one.

I have anticipated uncharted 2 ever since i completed Drakes fortune in December 2007.

It was in the top 5 of my favourite ever titles.

Played Brutal Legend (albeit it was the demo - and yes i appreciate it was only a taste)

I was not too impressed.

So its off to the mountains and jungles for me in uncharted 2 on Friday.

MartyMcFly883599d ago

As I said at the end of the article, I'll be getting both. I think Brutal Legend is deffo going to be a more acquired taste. It is a tough one for me at least, because I know Uncharted is the best on a technical level, yet I still think anything Tim Schafer touches is usually comedy gold.

I would be interested for someone who goes the other way, hated Uncharted 2 but loved Brutal Legend to comment. I doubt it any time soon though haha!

MartyMcFly883600d ago

I wonder how Uncharted 3 can improve further? I fail to see how it can do so graphically, although perhaps the multiplayer aspects have room to grow and develop, and I would certainly love to see more of the characters. (Especially the criminally underused Sully!)

ThatCanadianGuy3600d ago

Sully is by far my favorite.I don't even know why, he just has that like..

"Hey, i'm old, i've been around, but i'll still kick your ass" attitude.

As for improvements, i dunno? 2+ player co-op through the entire single player campaign would be nice.10vs10 next time (or more) instead of 5vs5.

more weapons, various routes to get to your objective.And my personal wish.Moral choices.

Like.."Go with sully or go with chloe" or take elena & jeff or leave them" type of things.In any case, ND will surely outdo themselves again.

Nicaragua3600d ago

Honestly is anyone going to be torn between these two games ? One is GOTY material and other is...well, not GOTY material.

MartyMcFly883600d ago

Tim Schafer is, in my eyes, one of the greastest game designers of all time. Yes, Uncharted 2 may be the no-brainer choice. I still think that game fans who can only afford one or the other may find themselves stumped over which to choose/ play first. I am just as excited for Brutal Legend tomorrow as I ever was, even after a full day of playing the stunning Uncharted 2.

MartyMcFly883598d ago

...what an amazing game! And Brutal Legend just came in the post, so it has been a good week for gaming :) You all went for Uncharted then, nobody got both like me?!