The Tech BEHIND The Eye of Judgement

Those of you who have seen the trailers etc for The Eye of Judgement have been rightly impressed by the technology. Even if you don't play card/turn based games it still looks great. The game uses a SONY technology for visual identification called CyberCode.

CyberCode is a technique for augmented reality that identifies real world objects and estimates their coordinate systems simultaneously (so we may see games based on 3D objects for the PS3 and PlayStation Eye in the future). The 2D matrix code used in The Eye of Judgement is a square shaped barcode that can identify a large number of objects. It is also used as a landmark to register information on the real world images. Since matrix codes are printable, it is virtually costless to produce and attach codes on various kinds of real world objects.

Some real world applications of this technology include a hand held computer carried through a museum. Using a CyberCode on the back wall behind the display, a visitor can get an overlay of information on a hand held computer that can bring the experience to life.

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Robotz Rule4194d ago

The Eye Of Judment is gonna rock!

I hope there is online:)

achira4194d ago

very interesting article

Bebedora4194d ago

Two players can do battle face-to-face, or engage in online competition over the PlayStation Network.

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