Blu-ray players are incompatible

BLU-RAY DISCS of 100GB or 200GB are incompatible with available players, according to The Blu-ray Disc Association.

So although producers like Sharp or TDK have announced multi-layer high-capacity media that can store hundreds of gigabytes of data, users will be unable to play them. This is because current players cannot handle more than 50GB.

"Player manufacturers design players to meet published specifications that define maximum media capacity, which in the case of Blu-ray Disc, is 50GB on two-layer media," said Andy Parsons, SVP of corporate communications and new product planning for Pioneer and the chairman of BDA's promotion committee in the US, in an interview with Home Media Magazine.

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sak5003594d ago

Well aint karma a biatch. Those who wished HDDVD's failure and opted for BD players will lose out on the bigger capacity discs.

GWAVE3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I'm pretty sure the PS3 can have its firmware updated to accept these new discs.

And even so...50 GB is a lot. Stop pretending that we're "stuck" with ONLY 50 GB. Gimme a break. It's not like we didn't have the same problem with early-generation DVD players being unable to play dual-layer discs.

St03594d ago

Yea PS3 should be fine, it'll probably just be BD players that can't update firmware that'll get screwed

Pennywise3594d ago

Sak, give it up already.

It has already been stated that anyone with a Bluray player with an internet connection can be upgraded via firmware.

Syronicus3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Sorry, but even at 50 gig, the current BD and BD players trump DVD... Too bad MS did not go all in and truly support that HD-DVD format. If they did, it might have actually had a chance of winning. Good for Sony that MS is run by idiots.

darthv723594d ago

it takes more than just a fw to make things work. Could be the quality of other parts inside that hinders their ability to read through more than the current layers.

In any case I would expect those that are capable of updating to work as best they can. Others like the low end brands maybe not so much.

Has there been a change in the BD unit in the slim as opposed to the original fat ps3? I know there have been different revisions to the 360 dvd drive (diff mfgs too). What about the ps3? What if...this is just a "what if"...the slim has the better drive capable of reading these bigger discs but the first gen ps3 drive can't?

Not that it would really be an issue to sony seeing as the slim is likely to surpass the original fat sales. Therefor they would only need to address the issue if it arises.

Guitardr853594d ago

Although its already been stated that firmware updates CAN allow for the use of bigger disks! Go read a little!

mrv3213594d ago

Blu-ray as standard is 50gb... HD-DVD as standard was 37gb... I can tell which is a bigger number can you?

Also HD-DVD players would experience the same problems with required updates as did DVD's... if you see it says

'OLDER player may experience a pause between layer shift'

skip2mylou3594d ago

@Guitardr85. Sak doesnt read the articles he just reads the description because it apparently has all the info

Sitdown3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago ) did you turn this into an opportunity to bash Microsoft? Ask yourself...why should Microsoft have supported HD DVD fully...which could have led to their system getting pushed back and not having the luxury of its one year head start. Think about it...if RROD was/is such an issue, what would it have been like with the unproven hd dvd drive included. Ohhh, and how are you defining "chance of winning"....there are several arenas in which Microsoft can win and is winning.

With that said, I am just ready for blurays that contain a complete series.

nbsmatambo3594d ago

the PS3 isnt a conventional Blu-Ray player, so i will ignore this article until SONY says, "Yea, we cant play discs more than 50GB"...

until then i will b waiting for that firmware update :)

IdleLeeSiuLung3594d ago

Personally, I preferred the HD-DVD spec (a completed one at that) that mandated all players have network capability and no region. The storage space is a non-issue, compared to the early adopters that got screwed because their players don't support the "real" blu-ray specs.

Unicron3594d ago

It's ... a b1tch?.... to hope for a single, unified format so that the home movie industry survives? So I only need one type of player to play my movies? So that I can have the best quality currently available?

Wow... this idiot even turns movie formats into a console war/fanboy war. Only on N4G.

FamilyGuy3594d ago

You guys do realize that this is only really important to those of us with blu-ray BURNERS right?

Blu-ray movies will not exceed the 50Gb standard so mainstream user will not be affected by this. This information is only important for people who buy blank blu-ray media and want to store tons of information on disc. It will only affect PS3 owners if those PS3 owner happen to purchase a blu-ray disc burner capable of burning a 100-200Gb bluray disc. Other than that this has no effect on us PS3 owner yet.

lsujester3594d ago

Reading this article on another site, it is said that the problem lies with the blue lasers, not firmware. If that is so, that means that EVERY blu-ray player will need to be upgraded to handle above 50GB, including the PS3.

Christopher3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Movie discs won't use more than the standard 50GB dual layers discs. There's no need for the update. You can put 4 HD movies on a single 50GB disc, and yet they put out movie compilations with each movie on its own disc.

AuToFiRE3594d ago

50 gigs isnt a lot anymore, Vista would use well over a half of that just for the install alone, I myself have 1820 gigs in my computer, and even then thats not enough for todays high capacity needs

sikbeta3593d ago

You're only saying that because of your lovely hd-dvd add-on

"Those who wished HDDVD's failure and opted for BD players will lose out on the bigger capacity discs"

So what,you can't use any Blu-ray anyways

Reply to me if you don't have to swap any disc

facepalm3593d ago

The real question... How much does it cost to produce these high capacity disks??

Just like others said, I don't think the 50GB standard will go away anytime time soon, unless the resolutions standard (1080P) gets risen again.

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Mr_Bun3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Their options are either release a new player capable of playing a larger capacity format, or denouncing advances in technology.

Not everyone wants a 12 year old format that hinders the quality of consumer products... *cough*, DVD, *cough*

MetalGearRising3594d ago

That makes PS3 also incompatible and before you droids say it can with firmware update NO CHANCE hahahahaha hahahahaha.

Pennywise3594d ago

Only thing incompatible here is my understanding the English language and your use of it.

Biggunz3594d ago

LOL...shouldn't you be swapping disk's or something?

cryymoar3594d ago

this is basically what you are saying:
"ahahaha Droids can't use 100GB, they can only use 50GB!!
Oh wait, i'm stll only on 9."

Nitrowolf23594d ago

Okay some might say PS3 might not be capable
im not sure if it is or not
But wasn't the PS3 intended origanlly to only use single layer BD?
im not sure so please correct me if im wrong, but wasn't a 50GB dual layer then later revealed? or did they always have them

Bodyboarder_VGamer3594d ago

Every PS3 and Blu-ray player had the capacity to read dual layers since the beginning.

Now with triple and quadruple layers means that the players will need a more intensified laser to read the thicker coat of the discs, and this is not something that you could simply fix with a FW update because the problem is with the hardware, not the software.

There are 2 ways to fix this issue:

#1 Start making new players and early adopters are going to be screwed or

#2 Find another way to make the other layers on the disc visible to the laser. If there have been people that have made a 10 layers DVD work in a normal DVD player then why the F!$# this other people that are investing so much into blu-ray technology can't?

* BTW There are tons of articles in N4G talking about this 10 layer DVD disc that work on any DVD player.

DTClown3594d ago

you are wrong with the more "intense laser" to read through the "thicker coat". DVD as well as BluRay laser diodes read the different layers by refocusing the laser, not by a stronger laser to read those layers. As long as a player can be updated via firmware, the focal length mechanism can be programmed to accommodate for the additional layers depth of fields. Think of the laser as a photography camera lens, refocusing to read/see the data.

Ju3594d ago

"focal length mechanism can be programmed" as long as this is defined in the original lens specs. If its a part defined for what was need to read 2 layers, no matter what SW you write, you won't be able to change that focus, no ?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

mmmm, okay, I'm not a guru about this matter but why people took my sixth bubble? The disagree button is there for some reason, you take bubbles from fanboys/spammer/etc I'm not saying anything that would merit a bubble loss.

Man, the kids of these days!

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Crystallis3594d ago

360 fanboys so quick to justify HDDVD...

ArcticWolfUK3594d ago

was funny while it lasted