What If: The Slim Launched The PS3?

TheSixthAxis: The fuse has been replaced on our time-travelling microwave and therefore Raen and I can travel to another timeline once again. This week, we asked the question: 'What If the Slim PS3 was the launch PS3?' You know the drill by now; the coat hanger was bent into shape, the tin foil was flapped with un-matched expertise by Raen; and I programmed the required 10 minute defrost into the cooking tool. Bing!

We found ourselves back in a completely fictional 2005 at the E3 Expo just as Sony took to the stage. With an atmosphere of un-rivalled anticipation, they said 'Welcome to the Playstation 3'. The product was revealed and the room clapped and cheered. But, not having any experience of the 'fat' PS3 in this dimension, the reaction was probably the same. But this time around, Sony had decided to skip the initial period and went straight to their Slim idea for the launch. This gave them the impressive 125GB HDD to boast about as well as the quietness, the tidiness and of course the Blu-Ray. But, like I said, the impact of the quietness and tidiness was probably lost due to the fact that they had nothing to reference it to.

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shikwan3600d ago

This site was actually NEWS for gamers and not speculative blog postings, etc.??

GWAVE3600d ago

That would be a day to celebrate.

But for now, since people keep posting and approving blog posts and speculative journalism, this is what we're stuck with.

JustinSaneV23600d ago

What if N4G included separate, categorized channels such as articles, news, rumors, etc so that users could see what kind of story they were about to view?


sikbeta3600d ago

The question is wrong, the Model wasn't the problem, the price was the problem, A $300 Faty PS3 could have the same effect as the Slim PS3 now, dumb article

Bodyboarder_VGamer3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

If it had been sold for $600? Then the same damn story, even if it were the Slim.

The only enemy the PS3 had was its price, nothing more.

cmrbe3600d ago

that were just as bad.

George Sears3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

The PS4 would be more friendly for Sony to play with its price since Blu ray is hell of a lot cheaper since its initiation and the CELL processor as well. If they keep these two components for there next console then I'm most certain they won't have the same dilemma they had this gen. (Unless they are masochist)

cmrbe3600d ago

It seems like Sony was investing in the long term prosperity of the PS brand with the PS3.

However this is a worry for me with Ken not around anymore. I feel that Sony's next console will be more of an evolution of the PS3 instead of a revolution like the PS3 is compare to the PS2.

I wouldn't blame Sony though. I blame the stupid masses that don't know a good thing even if it hits them in the face. The PS3 is a tech marvel but the masses are too stupid to realize it which is freaking sad. I will not blame Sony if they will just put 3 cell's together with a 500gb Blu-ray and call it PS4 with a price tag of 299. People don't appreciate innovation and those that dare to think big.

cmrbe3600d ago

Well Sony would go bankrupt with loosing $600 per unit sold. The end.

Dumb question to ask.

QuackPot3600d ago

...especially in a competitive market.

Unlike the Ps1 & Ps2, Sony now has real competition with the Wii and xbox.

Sony foolishly stuck with the expensive revolutionary console and gave M$ a years head start and time to establish itself as a serious console maker.

A $300 DVD only Ps3 released in nov 2005 would have killed off the 360, due to all the loyal Ps2 owners and HD gaming - admittedly with multiple DVDs.

Then in 2009, Sony should have released the new Blu-ray Slim Ps3 for $300(and have a DVD only Ps3 at $150-200). This would have finally killed off the Wii especially if they could have released the Play-mote as well.

Evolution FTW.

Learn Sony. Nintendo and likely M$ will go Evolutionary not revolutionary.

So the Ps4 should simply be an improved Ps3 with:

*improved Cell or two cells
*improved GPU or Cell GPU
*4 Gb Ram
*improved Playmotes with analog sticks as standard controllers.
*500 Gb HDD
*fast, efficient, stable Game OS with small memory footprint and strong multitasking abilities. be sold 2012 for $300 and be called the PS Evolution.

This would easily counter any plans Nin or M$ has for their next gens and
Sony will likely make profits on every console made from get go.

DangerousMali3600d ago

then Sony would be 1st in sales