Borderlands selling for $39.96 on release day at certain Canadian retailer

InsightBits writes, "As had been the case with Batman: Arkham Asylum, a certain Canadian retailer has decided to sell the upcoming Borderlands for only $39.96 on release day. Gearbox has claimed that Borderlands is the best game they have made so far. We do not know why these great games are selling at significant discounts, but on behalf of all fellow Canadian gamers we would like to express our thanks. We certainly like this trend and hope it continues in the future."

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maawdawg3600d ago

First universal health care, now this... :)

I already preordered at Gamestop for the full $60 in the US. i can't wait for this game.

dgroundwater3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

The health care is average at best. Over half the people I know who have serious medical conditions head straight for Michigan to get the best treatments.

The standard price for new games here in Canada in 69.99 on every other title. And our dollar is almost the same as yours.

Anyway this looks great. I hope Future Shop will price match it so I can use my $40 gift card I got for trading in RE5.

thorstein3600d ago

I can't stand Canadians and all their liberal freedoms!

Major_Tom3600d ago

Lol, except our internet is absolutely third world (if they do have internet that is).

bunbun7773600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Man what is up with that? I know theres a long list of peculiarities between all countries, but this one-- I mean seriously it seems like the whole 60.00 price tag seems unfair with 40.00 games going on elsewhere. The Canadian dollar isnt worth any more than it has been in comparison to the US dollar (it should be getting stronger or already is) so who is footing the bill?


ps im happy for our canadian gamers btw-- more power to you!

Rockstar3600d ago

Looks like I'll be getting some borderlands when it drops!

Rifle-Man3600d ago

I don't know what Wal-Mart is doing here in Canada, but I like it!

They were selling Batman: Arkham Asylum for $39.96 for the first few days after it was released, too.