Is Uncharted 2 enough to put the PS3 on top?

Uncharted 2 has received unanimous critical acclaim for its immersive story, fantastic visuals, and cinematic presentation. But is the title enough to put Sony back on top? The answer isn't necessarily cut and dry. There's a lot more Sony needs to accomplish for the PlayStation 3 to finish first in the current-generation console war.

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thebudgetgamer3599d ago

no ne game will make or break any system.


Ninja Viking3599d ago

well there are "system sellers", as much as I love Uncharted2, how many other people know about it??

Unfortunately advertising is where it's at. Make people that don't have it, to want to have it, or need to have it.

Once GT5 comes out, I believe that will have more of an effect on SONY then UC2.

sunil3599d ago

exactly.. no matter how good a game is, it cannot make a system...
on the other hand there is HALO :)

We do have GOW 3, GT5, Heavy Rain, Last Guardian etc.. combined these games can ensure PS3 moves up top

Raoh3599d ago

thebudgetgamer gets a bubble for the Moss avatar from the Brit show "The IT Crowd" Love that show

darthv723599d ago

does it always come down to relying on ONE game to do it all? Actually I should correct that. Since this particular generation has started there has been the same question each time a high profile game is released (regardless of system).

"Is (insert game) enough to sell (insert console)?"

Honestly it is a dumb question. Great games are great games. They should sell on their own merit and console sales will follow if need be.

rucky3599d ago

What does crapnet knows about games

sikbeta3599d ago

Cnet tried to downplay UC2 the other day with an stupid article and now this, seems like they have plenty of free time LOSERS! get a real job you god damn fools

Rigmaster3599d ago

Cnet really seems to be in a panic over the massive sales of the 299 Slim and the flood of AAA exclusives coming out of Sony.

It's like you can just see them sitting there fretting over the latest PS3 sales figures and PS3 exclusive review scores and wanting to lash out in another poorly disguised anti-PS3 article.

badz1493599d ago

they try to imply a point here with Uncharted 2 and if Sony can't sell so many more PS3 compared to 360 this month, they will come out with article that says something like this;

"Uncharted 2 is among the best game this generation but can't help Sony to heavily outsell 360"


"even Uncharted 2 can't bring Sony up from last place"

or simply


3599d ago
Narutone663599d ago

cooperation with MS. No surprise they are always down playing the PS3.

Dragun6193599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Well, Cnet, I can tell you one thing that PS3 is the rise.

September and October I believe is totally owned by PS3. With a stream of PS3 exclusives such as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2 & Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, I think its safe to say PS3 is starting to pick up again.

I mean come on, 1 million units sold in 3 weeks? They moved more units than the Xbox360 Arcade did when it was first month it was released. I think people catching on, on what console delivers the most entertainment, reliability, and diverse selection of games.

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thedisagreefairy3599d ago

no, uncharted 2 alone wont put sony on top.

uncharted 2, demon souls, and ratchet and clank might though.

theres no guarantee that any console will be on top.
theres a good chance sony wont be last though.

NecrumSlavery3599d ago

Everyone knows PS3 has the best techs and greatest lineup. It's not an issue of games, cause all PS3 exclusives(minus lair) are highly rated AAA hits. The real reason Sony is flying up and killing the 360 now is the price cut. All the Halos and price cuts from MS won't stop the PS3. Like Wii jumping up with sales. Reliable system + low price = 360 getting it's nuts crushed.

Sony may never catch Nintendo, but the 360 is in got a major arse kicking by next E3 time.

SnuggleBandit3599d ago

no, only informed gamers know its the general public gears and halo are the best games ever made and rrod doesn't exist

Dirty J3599d ago

it's been one day since release and cnet is always the first to make this kind of article...

randomwiz3599d ago

"Sony is still playing catch-up. Right now, it's only matching punch for punch with Halo 3: ODST and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. That's close, but we're not sure it's enough to push Sony over the top."

Typical cnet
i mean... i respect cnet, but not in the gaming section...

Unicron3599d ago

On top? Who cares, I don't work for Sony. I just bought 3 new games in ONE month for it, with a 4th coming shortly (Ratchet).

If this is what "third place" is, Sony can stay there as long as they want, because the great games just keep on coming.

sunil3599d ago

"If this is what 'third place' is, Sony can stay there as long as they want, because the great games just keep on coming. "

This :)

ultimolu3599d ago

Yep, yep.

Place is NOTHING but a number.

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