CryENGINE 3 -- new screenshots

A number of new screenshots from Crytek's CryENGINE 3.

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Wolfie3293d ago

Is it me or Uncharted 2 looks better?

PS3 slim3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Not a chance. Drink a cup of coffee.

Boy and I thought the ME2/L4D2 coming to PS3 and Forza 3 not looking as good as NFS shift were the most skewed things said this week.

Pootangpie3292d ago

the first crysis is in league of it's own no PS3 exclusive or console game for that matter can surpass it actually many PS3 exclusive are just smoke and mirrors and disappointing to say the least in the visual department farcry 2 happens to look much better then killzone 2 is openworld and looks better on the 360 then it does on the PS3 and still even it doesn't come close to crysis quality unless were counting the PC version anyone that says any console game can surpass crysis visuals is flat full of crap this might be the console Build or it might not but one thing I do know PC build is going to be miles ahead of the consoles

Cronnie3293d ago

I can remember seeing a few of those screens before...


A few were posted in March.

wohoo3293d ago

The first 6 are new, others older.

Pandamobile3293d ago

Most of these screenshots aren't CE3.

ShabzS3292d ago

yes they are these are the screen grabs from the tech demo crytec showed in gdc this year ..

villevalorox3292d ago

looks amazing, and no Uncharted 2 does not look this good, Uncharted 2 is currently the best looking on consoles yes. But we should only expect games coming out a later date to look even better. Although crappy dev. who do not take their time to make magic will not even come close in years time, same as Uncharted 1, But no once we see games done on CE3, expectations will increase graphics wise.