Crytek Releases CryENGINE 3


"Crytek is excited to announce that their latest all-in-one development solution CryENGINE 3 is now available for all developers.

CryENGINE 3 is the first game development platform for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, MMO, DX9/DX10 that also is truly Next-Gen-Ready – with scalable computation and graphics for all major upcoming platforms."

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Cronnie3600d ago

That 'live create' sounds good, I am all for easier multi-platform development.

GWAVE3600d ago

Please God. I know you're up there...let a new game engine replace Unreal Engine 3. The world needs to know you are real, and that is a good way to show it.

Raoh3600d ago


I hear ya

darthv723600d ago

wouldn't that be ...wait for it...Unreal Engine 4

Perjoss3600d ago

@ 1.1

dont blame the engines mate. blame art directors, texture artists, modelers and anyone else responsible for asset creation and overall look. All you have to do is look at games like shadow of colosus, ico and okami to see that you can make good looking stuff regardless of hardware or engines. All you need is talented artists and the person in charge of them to know what he/she is doing.

edoman203600d ago

Agree x5000

God please kill the developers that use the aged and ugly UE3

Cronnie3600d ago

Just noticed they have added a new trailer to the article!

Ldubbz3600d ago

Whats the problem with UE3? Didnt it power Gears of War 1/2, one of the best looking games this generation? Bioshock? Mass Effect?

Didnt it more recently power Batman Arkham Asylum?

Oh, its cuz it powers more 360 games, got it.

prunchess3600d ago

listen mate, I absolutely love Bioshock. It's a gaming gem that I would advise any gamer out there with a PS3 or 360 to play at least once. (I've played it through twice already, first time on the 360 and then on the PS3. I've just got to play it through one more time to get the platinum trophy. Looking forward to it too.)

The one criticism I have about Bioshock is that the graphics really let it down. The colour pallet used by the Unreal engine is awful and if the story to Bioshock was not as good as it is I would have traded it in just like I did with Turok a week after it was bought.

It's not just the look and colour but things like floating artefacts and the lack of detail in character features really irritated me. I expect a lot more from this gen.

The Unreal engine just can't hack it. The only game I'm willing to give it a pass on is Bioshock and MAYBE Bioshock 2.....

thewhoopimen3600d ago

no lubdzz, it's because UE3 really is outdated at this point. And two, frankly the 360 WOULD benefit from a newer development engine anyway. And yes UE3 games looked GREAT in 2006, but that was THREE (3) years ago.

house3599d ago

if this replaced the unreal engine imagine how big of a leap games would take that would be crazy but im looking forward to seeing this game on the ps3 and 360

vhero3599d ago

Great engine just lets hope a decent dev does something great with it though like Timesplitters 4!

pixelsword3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

...RTE Engine for WarDevil.

I had doubts about this so-called engine for WarDevil, but from what I hear it could in theory put a high-graphical game on the Wii; since it can for the regular xbox. From what I hear, the Wii is supposed to be more powerful than the original xbox.

So this will be interesting; as I personally root for my PC brethren with the CryEngine, but the New Unreal has yet to be revealed, and this WarDevil is impressing people, but what can these engines actually do?

JonnyBadfinger3599d ago

i refuse to believe that they can achieve those graphics (as seen in the first couple of seconds) on a console, even the PS3 i dont think is capable of such reality, i think GT5 and UC2 are gunna be the best looking console games of this generation. Cant see it ever being topped.

But the Cryengine3 is gunna release a new era of OMGness on PCs. I think its almost about time i make the jump to PC gaming.

CAN NOT WAIT for Crysis 2 on the CryENGINE 3. sh*t will be awsome

Xgamerzus3599d ago

although ultimately relegated FPS bland , Amazing tech!

ShadowCK3599d ago

Wow, just wow. This completely destroys Uncharted 2 in the graphics department.

pixelsword3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

A Tech Demo is just eye candy; it's practical application in a game is what is what will make it better than a game that's already out or not.

I'm sure Naughty Dog could put out a tech demo that could put this to shame if it was showcasing one or another thing; I remember some of the best things I've seen in '04-'07 were PS3 tech demos. Remember that tech demo with the guy's head that played doctor octopus?

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SoapShoes3600d ago

I don't see why crytek is so hyped up for creating a graphics powerhouse with lousy gameplay. The engine is much better than UE3 though.

dirthurts3600d ago

I'm in my third play through right now. Blows my mind every time.

SoapShoes3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

And when it came out, the general consensus was that the gameplay was average and generic. It was the graphics that was where it was at. Most reviews put it in the 7 range.

GWAVE3600d ago

Sorry, Estranged, but you're trolling is unsuccessful. Crysis was critically acclaimed when it came out and it has a 91/100 average on Metacritic (so much for your claim of a 7/10 average).

Also, you are incorrect about the gameplay. Most reviewers praised the gameplay and how the graphics and physics enhanced the gameplay.

The main complaint was the average storyline.

Try again next time.

STK0263600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

really? lat time I checked, Crysis had achieved an 91/100 average on metacritic, most reviewers also took the time to mention that while the graphics were amazing, the gameplay itself was also to praise.

Next time, you might want to back up your claims rather than just spew out numbers from nowhere.

Gamespot wrote : "Crysis is visually stunning, packed with intelligent, thrilling gameplay, and easily one of the greatest shooters ever made."

PC Gamer : "Destined to be a classic, Crysis is a creative and technological marvel that eclipses every other shooter released this year"

And out of 56 critics on metacritic, the lowest one is at 80, so I don't really see your 7s.

Edit : GWAVE beat me to it

thor3600d ago

You see, there is this phenomenon whereby people are blinded by great graphics.

As soon as a game has great graphics, people start asking quesitons.

What would it be like without the great graphics?
Haven't we seen this before, but with worse graphics?
Can the gameplay live up to the awesome graphics?

They have already made up in their heads that because it looks amazing, even if it plays well, the gameplay can never live up to the graphics and thus it is poor. Great graphics raise people's expectations of the gameplay.

Fact is, that both Crysis AND Killzone 2 have FANTASTIC gameplay. They are really fun to play. Take away the great graphics, and they wouldn't have received the hype, sure, but they would have been fun in their own right. Further to that, there are the production values, which transcend just the graphics, and help build atmosphere, pacing, clever AI. Do you want to take all those things away to make it "fair" on games without all that stuff? I even think that graphics improve a game. After all, it's what you're looking at whilst you're playing. How are graphics and gameplay REALLY completely distinct things?

dirthurts3600d ago

Killzone so much. I thought it was boring...
But the graphics where good.

The physics in Crysis make it so much fun. Busting through walls, dropping trees on trucks, popping wheels out from under hummers as they come after you, explosions that devastate, that's fun stuff.

sikbeta3600d ago

Man, every game with CryEngine will kill every custom PC, in a good way obviously... damn is so powerful

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nycredude3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I don't care if the engine bakes apple pie and gives free BJs (well maybe), Let's see what games comes out using it before we start jumping for joy, until then Naughty Dog 2.0 engine will do just fine for me.


In case you haven't notice but the tech that went into Naughty Dog's 2.0 is a direct result of the Sony's internal ice tech team. All the Sony 1st and second party games benifit from the tech team and they have been cranking out great games for years now.

I am just saying that up until now I've heard nothing but hype and prerendered stuff on high end pc from this engine. Let's see what it can do when you factor in real life console limitations before we all go gaga over it. Don't get me wrong I buy good games from any engine, just until I see "real" gameplay on consoles I am not buying into the hype.

@ps slim

Anyone who thinks that a multiplatform game engine will "blow" away an internal engine is delusional. All I am saying is that until a game releases using this engine ON THE CONSOLES I am not getting excited. I didn't bring up any multiplat games unlike you so it seems you are the one who feels the need to defend anything. Bookmark this so when thoses games release and IF they "blow" away Uncharted 2 then you can say "I told you so" but until that happens it's just wishfull thinking.

Fishy Fingers3600d ago

Naughty Dog arent going to license their engine to 3rd party developers are they. And I dont know about you, but I'd prefer more than one game every two years.

PS3 slim3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Yes we have to see if a game using the engine can produce a high scoring game lol. The tech of the Crysis engine blows what ever Uncharted uses out of the water as shown with demos etc.

There is no need to keep defending Uncharted and the platform it's on, there are games coming that blow right past your exclusives. The Games I speak are open world on top of that. Go check out Brink, Battlefield 2 gameplay. Rage and Crysis will most likely be king until MSFT or Sony show something at E3 etc.


These new game simply blow anything out right now out of the water. I can't find anymore leaked Brink gameplay footage because bethesda are tracking the leaks and having them removed.

dirthurts3600d ago

I'm playing Uncharted 2, and I'm loving it. Amazing game. I really can't believe what they can do on the PS3. Didn't think it had it in it.

But yes, the Cryengine does give it a hurtin. It drags it out back and beats it with a wet inner tube. Even the nearly 3 year old game Crysis, which is running on Cryengine is still above the Naughty dog engine.

In all areas but one that is, optimization. The Naughty Dog engine runs great. Crysis takes a lot more power. Cryengine 3 seems to have fixed that.

It's a shame that only Naughty Dog can use their engine. I'm happy that Cryengine is going to be open for use.

SoapShoes3600d ago

Dude, it's multiplatform. I doubt it'll blow away the Uncharted Engine and currently the Uncharted engine is the best looking engine on consoles. Yes Crysis had better graphics, but that was on PC. I'll be waiting to see if they can pull off similar graphics on consoles.

nycredude3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

What the heck are you knuckle heads talking about? Are we talking consoles here, or PC. Crisis, although it has great graphics the game is mediocre at best and the environments are stale, there is not much going on most of the time. And why are we comparing pc graphics to Uncharted 2 again? You guys need to chill a bit I am not bashing Cryengine. I'm just saying I hope it's not all hype. I haven't seen anything done with it on the consoles yet so I will reserve judgement.

I have 360 , ps3, and Pc. Relax people, damn this n4g stuff is serious.

raztad3600d ago

"The tech of the Crysis engine blows what ever Uncharted uses out of the water as shown with demos " <---DEMOS is the keyword here.


I'm wondering if I missed something because I didnt know Brink, BF:BC 2 and all the other PS3 slim is talking about were already out. And about Crysis, isnt it a PC game?

Cenobia3600d ago

FarCry was a Crysis Engine game.

Unfortunately it also blew chunks. It looked good, but not that good. I always saw jagged lines in the leaves. That might've been a PS3 vs 360/PC development issue, but if you expect their games to look better than Uncharted that is an hump they have to get over.

And is this engine limited to FPS, or have I just not seen anything else done by them?

STK0263600d ago

why are you bringing in FarCry? you mean, the game that was released years ago on PC and had some console spin-offs on the orinal Xbox and PS2? Of course it will look dated compared to Uncharted 2, but what's the point? Might also want to say that Killzone 2 looks better than Unreal Tournament 2004?

Ju3600d ago

FarCry was a CryEngine game for the PC.
FarCry2 was a Tunia Engine game for the PC/360/PS3.

CryEngine(3) has not delivered any game on consoles, yet.

thor3600d ago

I remember people going on about Operation Flashpoint 2, and how it would blow away all PS3 exclusives in terms of graphics.

Guess what, the graphics were disappointing.

Don't show anybody clips/trailers of upcoming games saying they will have such amazing graphics. For one thing, 90% of games have about the same graphical quality. Even those that we say have amazing graphics are not that far ahead.

Bad Company 2's graphics look about standard for this gen. They look about on par with Modern Warfare 2's. Uncharted 2 bests it. Killzone 2 bests it in turn.

thor3600d ago

Actually the CryEngine 2, whilst very advanced in terms of features, doesn't completely blow away Uncharted 2's engine. Imagine if the PS3 had the latest PC tech - then Naughty Dog's engine would be able to render Crysis-esque scenes. Sure, the CryEngine 2 supports advanced features such as Subsurface Scattering, but then, so does Uncharted 2's engine! They are closer than you think. CryEngine 2 just allows you to do more since it's not restricted by the limitations of the PS3.

Cenobia3599d ago

Ah, that clears things up.

I thought 'Cry' was a prerequisite for all Crysis engine games.

Now it makes even less sense why the game was called "FarCry2"

Ju3599d ago

Because FarCry is a Ubisoft intellectual property, developed by Crytek (CryEngine1). FarCry 2 is still owned by Ubisoft, while the engine remain(ed) the property of Crytek.

Crytek is associated with EA now a days, and thus Ubi had no interest in working with Crytek on FarCry2, thus resulting in their own proprietary Tunia engine used in FarCry2.

Crytek moved on to CryEngine2 and Crysis (under EA). Now with CryEngine 3 they bring this over to consoles (as well).

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Ron_Burgundy3600d ago

PS3 is the console that does it best

champ213600d ago

ps3 isnt known for multiplatformers..

i doubt developers will waste time and resources on a difficult to code platform.

PC >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>360>>ps3

Major_Tom3600d ago

Aw phuck it, I'm not even gonna waste my time explaining it to you champ.

Guitardr853600d ago

The heavens have spoken!!!

ShabzS3599d ago

all the way from germany...