New Sky Bundle revealed for Xbox 360

As well as revealing that Sky will release on Xbox 360 Dashboards on October 27th, we have just recieved new information regarding a new bundle.

The new bundle will include a wireless media remote, a 1 month subscription to Sky Player, and a 3 month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription. This will also be available from October 27. Please note there is no Xbox 360 console in this bundle.

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4Sh0w3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

"Please note there is no Xbox 360 console in this bundle."

lol, I just thought that was funny. So this is for existing owners. How much does it cost?

Blaze9293601d ago

Hmmm so maybe this is the start of something new. Natal Bundle maybe?

darthv723601d ago

This "bundle" is nothing more than the same media remote that came packed with the hddvd drive. You get that + a month of sky service and 3mo of gold access.

I dont know what the remote cost itself but in the US, 3mo of gold is less than $15.

What does sky cost per mo? Anyone, anyone...hello is this thing on?

siyrobbo3601d ago

sky is rediculously overpriced for what you get, a hand full of channels and a few on demand movies for about £35 per month. Not even in HD

Immortal Kaim3601d ago

I hope MS provide the same sort of experience for Australian customers with our equivalent infrastructure (Foxtel).

Mindboggle3601d ago

Well i hate to say it but if the 360 will offer a full sky service to existing customers for free then i will get one. Cheap way of buying a another sky box.

PS3 slim3601d ago

You'll buy one? the 360 or the bundle? lol

thebudgetgamer3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

how much do stand alone players cost?

edit: are they even called players?

PS3 slim3601d ago Show
Mindboggle3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

They are about £100 used, so for the extra £50 i might aswell get a 360, and i get all the other benefits.

However if the service is the same as the Sky Anytime then theres no point, as i already have that on my Laptop...

edhe3601d ago

I think if you have a sub and their max broadband package or multiroom it's essentially possible to use any xbox in the house as an on demand player & live channel streamer.

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TheXgamerLive3601d ago

This is perfect and I thank MS for it, the coming update will be incredible.

your still playing ratchet and clank I hear, good for you, good for you.

trancefreak3601d ago

Ya you will be thanking ms when you bend over for it btw whats sky anyways? Never heard of it and doubt its all that because ms is all about them $$$$$$$.

caffman3601d ago

they show most of the top rated US shows and have most of the UK sports tied up. And they also have more film channels than anyone else in the UK

IdleLeeSiuLung3601d ago

So I expect Sky to be nothing less. However, only available in GB and not for US consumers.

Wish Xbox would implement more of these media apps....

2cents3601d ago

ive over 90 in my friends list and at least 50 are state side, I always see em at some point of the day as status "watching a TV show on netflix" and im like damn, I want that! But I guess its regional. Now us over in the UK will get Sky, which is much the same im guessing!

siyrobbo3601d ago

yes netflix would be amazing, but no doubt if it ever did make it to these shores, we'll be charged twice as much for less as per usual

RAM MAGNUMS3601d ago

Sorry Xbots. Anybody that reads N4G know youre full of sh!T.

caffman3601d ago

sorry but I'm used to that now as the 360 has had it since day 1

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The story is too old to be commented.