Canadian PS3 Fallout 3 save files apparently not transferring for GOTY edition

Joystiq writes: "A couple of threads over at Bethesda Softwork's forums reveal that Canadian PS3 owners are having a problem getting their previous Capital Wasteland save files to be recognized by the newly released Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition. Speculation by forum posters about the cause of the issue seems to revolve around either improper/outdated patching or that the GOTY edition isn't compatible with a version of the game sold in the region."

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dj555555553594d ago

Then start again, its a fantastic game

Rifle-Man3594d ago

So are Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, Demon's Souls and Modern Warfare 2.

No time to start over.

Rifle-Man3594d ago

Well, shít.

I'm not buying it until they've sorted this out.

elchamber3594d ago

They aren't. Its not official, but thats pretty much what I got from their email.

Szarky3594d ago

Mmmmm Canadian Bacon.

elchamber3594d ago

It seems all these DLCs and GOTY from Bethesda is just another way to take advantage for everyone's love for Fallout 3. I love the Fallout franchise and surprisingly became a fan of Bethesda after playing Fallout 3. I finally got all of the DLCs for the game for the PS3 and HATE BETHESDA'S GUTS! I told them about the glitches and they told me it was my fault and forget about patches.