Nidzumi: Operation Flashpoint DR Review

Nidzumi writes: "As a games critic, journalist or whatever I tend to call myself, it's my job to tell the truth about games. However sometimes it's a truth that I don't want to tell, this is the case with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Let's start with the honesty, shall we? I didn't finish OP: DR, I tried, I really did, but nevertheless it couldn't be done. It wasn't due to a deadline; in fact it wasn't due to the game itself being bad. Allow me to explain."

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kevin360uk3602d ago

Reading the reviewers comments on OF's gameplay. You simply can't cater for every type of player in a game. Any dumbing down in OF would ruin the solid realistic gameplay it has to offer.
It's fair enough to produce gameplay mechanics easy enough to cater for the casual gamer, but it shouldnt conflict with the more hardcore (if you want to call it that) or challenging gamer.