EA Announces Madden NFL Arcade; Touching Down in Time for the Holidays

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Madden NFL is the most successful sports franchise in gaming history, so it's no surprise EA is bring us a 5-on-5 arcade spin-off of the famed series. Set to release in December on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, Madden NFL Arcade brings you arcade-style NFL fun for the price of $14.99.

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Lifewish3596d ago

Should be some good fun

dragon823596d ago

Would like to see a $9.99 price instead of $14.99. Still looks like lots of fun though.

Lifewish3596d ago

agreed, 15 bucks seems a bit steep

JonnyBigBoss3596d ago

Awesome man. I might actually get this. I have already played over 100 hours of Madden 10.

decimalator3596d ago

Not a big Madden fan. The NFL is full of asshats, I prefer college football where not every player is a douche.

samchris3596d ago

We're not all "asshats". ;)