Nessie Spotted In Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

For centuries, people of the Highlands of Scotland have reported of a unusual creature dwelling in their lake. The ones that are told of their encounters have laughed and left the victim helplessly with no one to talk to. Yet, some of the villagers believed of such tale and kept it alive all around their culture for centuries to come. There hasn't been any such proof as to which will prove the existence of this creature……until Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

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DoFuss3594d ago

Thats actually pretty funny. Half wish they really had put nessie in.

evrfighter3594d ago

good article. Reminded me of the video I saw where an Arma2 player runs into bigfoot.

John P3594d ago

That was a hysterical video! haha

JustinSaneV23594d ago

Oh that was a good laugh.

Awesome article.

John P3594d ago

Thank you, I almost crapped my pants with the anticipation of it being there.

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The story is too old to be commented.