Two New Uncharted Drake's Fortune :HD Videos

Two New videos of Uncharted Drakes Fortune. A little overview for those who dont know what all the fuss about Uncharted is :Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, brings players into a world ripe with realism and unexpected juxtapositions. A fallible hero akin to those depicted in pulp-adventure genre films, Nathan Drake brings a humanity and believability never seen before in video gaming, enabled entirely through PS3 technology advancements.

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VirtualGamer4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

The second video has some really great commentary on it, well worth a look if you are into this game.

"Alot of things that are going in but you haven't seen yet are jointed plants that actually react to you as you walk through the environment. Their is going to be a footprint mesh on top of all the foilage and the moss on the rocks."

Stinkey4755d ago

i like where this game is going i'm sold as far as buying this game.

lil bush4755d ago

cant wait, its just so detailed to me, and great physics, it just looks so good........

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The story is too old to be commented.