New Shonen Jump scan features … Vanille's sister?

2 FFXIII scans leaked today finally revealed the name of the mysterious woman who was first seen at the end of the TGS09 trailer. Her name is Oerba Yun Fang. Strangely Vanille's name is Oerba Dia Vanille. Could this mean Fang's a sister of Vanille? More details are currently unknown but I'll update this post when I find more. The scans also features an artwork, and two CGI images: Sazh with his summon and Fang with a … lance/rod (?)

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Julie3600d ago

She looks nice , indeed i like her style more than the other characters, i wish to see how the Moogles are kupo!

And i saw a pic of Carbuncle, very cute but i can't find it anymore :(

Noct3600d ago

More details:

-She summons Bahamut
-Her weapon is a spear
-She works for the Sanctum but it's highly likely she is the 6th playable character

Jmlopezbr3600d ago

Could just be a tribal name or something of the sort... I doubt that she is Vanille's sister

Mercy00013600d ago

@Noct: nothing about her (besides her name in English on the scan) is confirmed. Furthermore I think she's playable because she has a summon and GI render (Or she could be the big boss.)