80GB PS3 to Usher in Sony's VOD Initiative

Sony's decision to release an 80GB hard drive equipped PlayStation 3 model in Korea next month may have been informed by its plans to offer video on demand (VOD) services throughout the region via PS3s.

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kewlkat0074755d ago

Only 80 GIGS Sony? Just as MS came out with a 120GIGER, because of their future plans for HD-content, which should be more than enough. Thye should of gone bigger IMO.

dodgefate4755d ago

don't 4get you can upgrade the PS3 HDD any time.

gta_cb4755d ago

yeh but just remember that some people wont want to upgrade there PS3 manually, especially after just buying it etc. i personally thought that Sony should have released a bigger HDD especially with the news of VOD AND with people installing games onto the HDD for faster loading etc. but thats my personall opinion

hfaze4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Even though non-technical buyers may be weary of putting a larger drive in their console, it worked without a hitch for me.

I've been running a Hitachi 5400rpm 160GB drive in mine for three months now, and not a single issue with it. Maybe GameStop, BestBuy, Circuit City, etc. should think about offering a PS3 hard drive upgrade service to their customers?

Also, USB hard drives work GREAT with the PS3... So you don't even have to upgrade the internal hard drive if you don't want to.

kewlkat0074755d ago

is this something SONY is saying its OK for any user to do?(are people taking risk, even if its easy as pie) Cause if it is Ok and legal, then why even offer a Smaller Drive?

Of course I only expect a lot of Gamers on this forum to know these things. A lot of kids don't know much about Hardware and HDD swapping. I should be all set though.

MySwordIsHeavenly4755d ago

Unixphreak...that's a GREAT idea. The companies would make a lot of money off of that, I'm sure.

Kewlkat007...Yes, Sony says it's ohkay to do. They even have a step-by-step on how to do it in the PS3's manual. It's a doesn't have as many limitations as the other systems...

SmokeyMcBear4755d ago

remember folks, sony is offering a BIGGER hard drive for the SAME price, not raising the price.

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Stinkey4755d ago

when you look at the ability to add any SATA HDD in the PS3 80 gigs is ok. I can't wait to download a movie like spiderman 3 or 300 to my HDD in HD. I'm going to buy a 250 gig HDD. Now all Sony needs to do before this is increase download speeds.

omansteveo4755d ago

Adding the new drive erases all of your save games when you put the old one back in it if you add a new drive you better make sure you stick with it bc the minute you take it out and put it back it formats.

novaIS3504755d ago

You can transfer all of you saved games and files via memory card port or reader via USB. Also you can attach an external hard drive via USB as well. Sony designed the PS3 quite well, keeping in mind that transferring data would be essential

jahcure4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Last week i added a 250gb external drive to my ps3 and it sits nicely next to the system in a sleak black color. Having a 310GB ps3 is certainly a plus. And what's even better, was that i got that drive for only 60$ from compusa after rebates etc.

$60 for a 250gb is better than $180 for a 120gb and what's better was there was no loss of data at all.

big_tim4755d ago

can you download demos to the external hard drive? I know you can download media files from PSN to it.

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low_thepunisher4755d ago

80 gigs is plenty of space for me.

gta_cb4755d ago

im still woundering if Sony are going to give PSP owners like me VOD when the PSN comes to PSP... *thinks... hope they do*

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