DJ Hero Renegade Edition CD 2 Pack Track List Revealed!

DualShockers writes:

"DJ Hero is all set to his stores in a couple weeks now, so news and info about it is at an all time high. For those of you who didn't have a chance to make it to Gamestop for their national DJ Hero demo day, don't worry, because I'm hearing that if you still want to try it before you buy it selected Best Buys still have demo kiosks. The game will come in two editions, both with a big difference in price and features/bonuses. There's the standard that will net you a turntable and game, then there's the black-and gold trimmed Jay-Z and Eminem "Renegade Edition" that comes complete with the DJ "coffin" that doubles as a stand. It also comes with a CD 2 Pack containing a sort of "greatest hits" compilation of Jay-Z and Eminem's music. Having grown up in NYC and a fan of rap for most of my life, I must say that the Jay-Z track list is much stronger than Eminem's as the Brooklyn rapper's CD is loaded with hit singles, while Slim Shady's are more obscure b-side tracks from albums throughout his career, minus the 8-Mile track "Lose Yourself". The next thought that comes to mind is this. This CD 2 pack has the "Parental Advisory" sticker on it so does it change DJ Hero's family friendly rating (at least on the Renegade Edition)? Guess we'll have to wait and see until the 27th of this month to find out. For the full track listing and album cover, check out the press release below!"

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4916d ago

living in an age when no one really pays for music, this bonus isn't really a deal breaker.

iiprotocolii4916d ago

To be fair, there ARE some people that pay for music. Although the idea of DJ Hero seems cool, I doubt it will cater to as many people as Guitar Hero/Rock Band did simply because Rock is a much more accepted genre of music throughout the world. Sure, Hip Hop is mainstream, but there are more rock fans throughout the world than there are rap fans.

iiprotocolii4916d ago

Good list, but not really that excited about the game itself, personally.