Dragon Age's delay helped the PC version

There was a lot of controversy at the beginning of this year when BioWare controversially decided to delay the PC version of Dragon Age in order to accommodate console development. It delayed the game from a mid 2009 release to the holiday season and many PC gamers wondered why they had been punished in order to satisfy their console brothers and sisters.

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, Mike Laidlaw has outlined how the delay has benefited all versions of the game, and what additional content gamers can enjoy due to the extra few month's worth of development time.

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Nihilism3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I'm getting the pc version, and i know it will be insanely awesome...but i think this guy is full of $#!+, he's just saying this to shut the pc people up, i already know they didn't dull down the pc version because of the multiplat, the character models in the 'character creator' for pc look awesome and will $#!+ all over the console happenes with multiplats


i challenge you to find me a multiplat that looks better on the console' is IMPOSSIBLE, because pc hardware allows you to force extra AA,AF and ambient occlusion, as well as locking frame rates so you get no screen tear. I will be playing with settings maxed and 16qaa i'll be suprised if it ever drops below 60 frames...

champ213600d ago

consoles lul

why pay a tax? when even a midrange pc does it better.

TheIneffableBob3600d ago

GiantBomb's Quick Look on the PC version of the game made my hype on this game go from "little" to "I want this." This game looks awesome. Definitely will be getting it on the PC as that's the platform the game was made for.

NeoCloud3600d ago

I want to get the PS3 version just for the trophies, but i will wait to see how it turns out, if its crap then PC it is.

t8503600d ago

i can almost bet this will be 45usd on steam as a prepurchase offer.. look out for the previews ppl this one looks promising ;-)

pc version for sure.

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chak_3600d ago

stop that war, c'mon, let them enjoy their version.

I'll buy PC version though, my rig can run it, and I don't have console anyway :D

dreamtheater873600d ago

Bioware are PC devs at heart, similar to Valve. Just look at their history.

I noticed something interesting whilst on the Dragon Age website- the PC version of the game case is at the front. That rarely happens with a multi plat!

Lucreto3600d ago

I would get the PC version for mods and the like but I prefer the PS3 controller for RPgs. Oblivion was so much easier to play with a controller than they keyboard.

chak_3600d ago

Don't forget it's not really the same game. Bioware stated PC version is a real RPG, like baldur's. Console version is more or less the same, but designed in a more "action game" way.

It's not identical

t8503600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

ps3 controller can be used on the pc as well.

no point paying more for the game then receiving a copy that you cant mod and will be lower resolution/tex compared to pc version.

imo thats a bad deal.

SuperSaiyan43600d ago

I used to be a PC gamer and not only is it boring sitting there infront of a screen like a geek its also the most expensive way to game.

You can't just get any PC because the PC gamers on here boasting about better visuals well how much did that cost you? I am sure it cost more than an Xbox 360 and PS3 combined.

Also lets compare a PC and Xbox 360 when it comes to gaming, do you have a marketplace on the PC? How about party chat? Cross game chat? Watch movies and chat feature? What about a friends list? In fact what about all the things the Xbox 360 offers with its Xbox Live service?

You cannot just switch on a PC and be greated with greatness nor do you get anywhere near the experience of how the Xbox 360 is layed out on a PC.

With my Xbox 360 and PS3 I never have to keep upgrading because developers can stick to one bit of hardware and keep improving the games visuals. Look at Uncharted 2 for example, look at Forza 3, GT5 etc now tell me PC gamers how much more money did I have to pay for those enhanced awesome visuals? NOTHING.

So all in all the jokes on you PC gamers *munches popcorn*

Nihilism3600d ago

haha. you can have you action games and racing games aka genre's for children, enjoy your popcorn fat <un+, i'm playing crysis warhead on enthusiast as we looks so good, i honestly have no idea what you console pu$$y's mean when you say uncharted 2 looks really doesn't

kraze073600d ago

Both of you guys above me sound ridiculous.

champ213600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )


sorry bud.. but console gaming is more costly then pc gaming.. and i am gonna prove it to you with hard numbers. here is a comparison for you between the xbox 360 and the pc. 3 years of gaming on each platform, pc will get a 150gpu upgrade after 3 years of play, i will assume the xbox doesnt fail and lasts the 3 years.

20games will be bought on each system every year.. totalling 60 games purchased for 3 years. here it goes

299usd cost of xbox (does sup 720p)
150usd cost of live
3540usd cost of 60 games bought over 3 years (59usd a game)

cost of xbox over 3 years usd3900

500usd cost of pc (which does true hd 1080p @60fps)
150usd gpu upgrade after 3 years
2940usd cost of 60 games bought over 3 years (49usd a game)

cost of pc over 3 years usd3590

there we go after 3 years of gaming the pc is usd310 cheaper then the xbox 360.

its a myth pc being more expensive then consoles.. note this comparison was done with US game prices.. game price difference in rest of the world is about 25usd.. if i used those figures pc would be much much cheaper.

so the pc gamer played games at true 1080p with hi res textures for 3 years. then got an upgrade which will again ensure the pc user is back at 1080p. plus the pc user had mod support, free dlcs, mouse keyboard support.

360 user on the other hand played games at lower resolutions low to med res textures. and as the generation progresses instead of the standard being 720p it keeps falling note latest halo is 540p, Mw2 being 600p.. this will further fall as the gen progresses. while the pc user after the 3 year upgrade is still at 1080.

lets not dish the consoles completely they are only worth their exclusives. multiplatform games are cheaper and better on pc, you dont need to be paying taxes to microsoft or sony for everygame you buy.

beside all this.. who doesnt have a pc at home these days? everyone needs one for work, everyone doesnt need a console. A 150usd gpu is enough to supercharge any 2yr old pc to out do any console multiple times.

btw its not hard connecting a pc to a hdtv via hdmi.

FACT: pc is much cheaper then consoles.

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