Brutal Legend is Smart Marketing

Koku Gamer writes: "If we are to look back in a decade, or if someone decides to do a Top 10 list of the best video game designers, I hope Tim Schafer is on that list. Schafer, born in California and a student of UC Berkeley, first landed a job with LucasArts where he began work on The Secret of Monkey Island. This is where Schafer's penchant for dialogue first showed through having written a large proportion of it for the game. Because of this, his comedic tone throttled the game to critical acclaim and since then the designer has hardly looked back. In addition to being someone who can write, his games are also known for their variety and being a little weird which is never a bad thing in my opinion. He has been able to do this repeatedly while also improving his craft with other hits as well such as Grim Fandango and Psychonauts."

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Fullish3601d ago

...too smart if you ask me.

Ziriux3601d ago

EA is usually good about advertising their games, look at how many times they showed NFS Shift trailers on national tv.

WengYong3601d ago

Jack Black, Ozzy Osourne, funny script, looks like a winner to me. Take those equations out of it and I don't think the gameplay of Brutal Legend would save it.

Ziriux3601d ago

Here is the biggest reason as to why the marketing was so good for Brutal Legend.

1. A lot of money was put into promoting it.

2. Jack Black took it personal like a movie and was everywhere to promote the game, that helps a lot when you're a movie star in a video game that has as much passion about it as he does for movies and music.

3. Lastly as everyone mentions, it's Tim that wrote the game and everyone trusts the mans work.

I just hope unlike his last game this one actually sells over a million and keeps going.

Activision messed up for letting this one go.

StanLee3600d ago

Yeah, Jack Black has really thrown himself into promoting the game but I agree with WengYong, the game has really smart writing and a great voice cast but the mashup of game types really doesn't gel very well. It would have been better if it was a straight hack and slash without the strategy elements and wonky driving mechanics.

menoyou3600d ago

Not enough to win me over. Jack Black is a moron, only little kids find him funny and watch his movies. They are marketing this crappy game beyond belief. Celebrity cameos and the hipster theme is indeed enough to sell this game to the less intelligent crowd who enjoy trend over quality.

Dmitry Orlov3600d ago

Are you a retard?

"Less intelligent crowd who enjoy trend over quality"? What the hell does that suppose to mean?

Have you played the demo? Have you read the reviews? My guess is no.

If you don't like Jack Black/Ozzy Osbourne/metal stuff/whatever that doesn't mean that those people who like those things have mental problems / are kids.

Looks like you're kinda butthurt by the successful reviews the game receives. Don't worry, you can always go play your Uncharted 2 or, ummm, Lair?

djfullshred3599d ago

menoyou - anyone of reasonable intelligence knows that you need to at least try something before being harshly critical of it. Be mindful of your own ignorance when you accuse others of being a less intelligent crowd.

There is a strong correlation between arrogance & incompetence, just as there is a link between humility & intelligence.

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Runamuck863601d ago

Psychonauts was one of the best story lines that i have every played yea the game play lacked a little bit, but in the true since of video games it all about how the story can just grab u and not let go till the very bitter end. If psychonauts was such wonderful title we must assume that brutal legend is going to be one hell of a bad ass game!!!!

Ziriux3600d ago

Well in todays gamer it's more towards gameplay, ever since the 360 came out and focused on MP experience not many people have gone back to play singpleplayer gaming and enjoy that beautiful story that other games such as the Metal Gear Series or even Final Fantasy had.

leyego3600d ago

thats y UC2 and BL are made of so much win.

havent beaten them YET, but so far there a blast. i still don't plan on playing the UC2 MP at all, its just not my thing since its a straight up shoot and get shot it at its core. The BL MP seems promising tho, i love me a good RTS.

overall its the single player, gota love the stories.

Ron_Burgundy3600d ago

compared to UC2, it's mentally challenged marketing