10 ways to improve the PlayStation Network

In this opinion piece, digital console game website GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley examines Sony's PlayStation Network for PS3 and PSP, suggesting notable feature and usability improvements that might help the digital network boost its success.

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Lucreto3595d ago

It is a decent article which has some good points that I do agree with.

There should be a single approval to all regions.

Real Gambler3595d ago

With single approval, a game has to be approved for EVERY country in the world. Currently it's quite common to see games not being released at all, in some countries, because of adult content, age rating, violence, racist, etc...

So with single approval, you have to meet the criteria for ALL countries at ONCE, usually toning down every games, making sure there's nothing that will offend any country, anywhere in the world, etc, etc, etc. Then you can release the game worldwide. So you get usually a single release, but huge delay and a toned down game.

With 3 zones, sure enough, you may see the game release in one continent before another, (most often North America because there's less countries in it and approval is then easier). But at least, one third or two third of the world will not wait for a game because it doesn't meet some criteria for Belgium, or Spain, or China, or France or Australia, or I guess by now you get my drift (basically name any country in the world with specific gaming rules). In Europe, there's tons of countries and most of them have their own regulations. It does take more time usually to get approvals just because of the simple number of countries!

So, yes, I'm mad when it's my part of the world that get delayed, but everytime I get a game before the rest of the world, I am also quite happy, particularly when it's just a small technicality that would have hold off a game in some small country but I'm ok because it got approved quickly in my part of the world.

And no matter what, even if a game is not release in my part of the world, there's always a way to make a foreign account anyway...

Szarky3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Good read.

Definitely need more demos. I feel bad for the Europeans though, no Demo section at their store. Kind of a dumb thing to miss especially when the NA store has had it for... ever?