Expect 22.8% performance boost from next week's Firefox 3.6 beta

Betanews: The developers at Mozilla have set next week as the tentative rollout window for the first public beta of Firefox 3.6 -- the first edition of the organization's big fixes for 3.5 where it's accepting analysis and advice from the general public. Betanews tests this week on a late version of the 3.6 beta preview, close to the organization's planned code freeze, indicate that users will be visibly pleased by what they see: Generally faster JavaScript execution and much faster page rendering will result in a browser that's almost one-fourth faster than its predecessor -- by our estimate, 22.78% faster on average.

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Serial_EDX3598d ago

Making web browsing faster is always a good thing.
Now if they can fix the crashing issues.

Bereaver3598d ago

Actually, my firefox hasn't had a crash unless it was the websites problem. Or so it seems.

leeger3598d ago

firefox 3 always crash on my PC, 64bit vista, so i switched to Google Chrome and i'm very happy with it.

joydestroy3598d ago

it crashed on me a little back around 3.0. but since 3.5, i've had absolutely no issues.

Prototype3598d ago

Ever since 3.5 I may have had one crashing issue if even that, however still much better than IE even though I'm running IE7 and 8 still tries to force its way into my xp machine which I always say NO!

mugoldeneagle033598d ago

My parents old PC used to have it, but on mine I've only been using Internet Explorer, which runs like crap sometimes. Is it worth the upgrade? Or should I say the time to switch over?

And no, I'm not a PC guru.

cyberwaffles3598d ago

i love firefox but the latest build takes forever to load up on me now for some reason. i cleaned the registry, the system cache, and everything, but yet it still takes a good minute for firefox to start up on me.

i've been using chrome lately and it's actually really good. you guys should try it out. the browser has a nice elegant look, takes a fraction of a second to get it running, its not cluttered with a lot of junk on the task bar, it even has this cool incognito web browsing where your history won't be saved.

i initially downloaded chrome to wait for firefox's updated build for 3.5, but don't knock chrome till you try it, its really good.

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iamgoatman3598d ago

That performance increase will have to be pretty noticable, or I'm sticking with Opera.

spartan4003598d ago

lol Opera sucks. Firefox and Crome is where its at

tdrules3598d ago

spartan you have to realise opera is a way for people to rebel.
they probably used firefox, realised it was becoming more popular and jumped boat.

kwyjibo3598d ago

Opera's a good browser. For a while, it was the only speedy alternative to Firefox and IE.

I value Firefox's plugins over speed though. Beautiful beautiful adblock.

iamgoatman3598d ago


Ha! A lot of features you see on Firefox and Chrome today originated on Opera. I mean, Chrome's speed dial, I wonder where they got the idea for that?


Yes, that must be it. I just felt like rebeling against a browser? It can't possibly be because Opera has far more features as standard, better functionality and increased performance over other browsers. Heavens forbid I use a browser that isn't popular!

adsaidler3598d ago

opera is fastest than the current firefox version, imo

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DarkChris3598d ago

They always said that they would improve the speed... But in fact they lowered it...

kwyjibo3598d ago

The only thing they've lowered is the memory usage.

dragon823598d ago

I actually use IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. I have to say that Google Chrome is my favorite by far.

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