5 Games that changed the Gaming Industry

Every once and a while a game comes along that changes the way you perceive a genre and your very definition of what a game can be. A masterpiece that brings to the table incredible innovative ideas and creative concepts. Whether it's a new approach to level design or a different way of incorporating story into our visual epics the ideas this game brought with it ideas that were fresh and new. A game that shaped the industry for years to come and in most cases become a lifetime favorite of gamers worldwide. We are here to remember the modern day classics that have graced our consoles and computers.

The following five games didn't just just add new features to the existing formula, they reinvented it. These games were milestones in video game development spurring on a revolution that shook up the industry. Innovation is what gaming is really all about and it is worth taking the time, to have a look back and see what titles got us here today. These games are all inspirational works, like them or not, each and every title on this list deserves the respect of gamers everywhere.

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54percent3598d ago


Starfox is not listed, was the first game in a console to display 3D graphics. Donkey Kong is not listed neither, was the first in make an effective full use of pre render high quality models, also the lack of Mortal Kombat in a new level of photo detail and megaman 1 (I bet no one remembers that megaman 1 has the first character in had an animation while still standing *blink*)

Ian4143597d ago

half life 1 is clearly the best title there