Gamer Limit Hardware Review: PSPgo

Gamer Limit writes "If you already own a PSP, I highly recommend you stay away."

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SilverDragon19793599d ago

It's really disappointing that Sony did take the PSPgo to the next level like they could have. They should have either dropped the price tag, or given the system features worth $250, like a touch screen display.

Fullish3599d ago

touch screen would of made it $300

GrahameG3599d ago

I played around with one in my local game shop. It was a nice piece of kit, but the placement and size of the analogue nub looked like a hand killer.

jFND903599d ago

Agreed, at least the white PSPgo looks sexy. Might get it for that alone.

user8586213599d ago

ive got 1 and its effin!!! effin!!! beautiful!!!!

Austin_SJ3599d ago

Even hardcore Sony fans must admit, the PSPgo is a very poor piece of hardware. They should have waited and just done a brand new PSP2.

Serial_EDX3599d ago

Is it just me or does the pspGO seem slightly taller then the older models.

Anyone have one yet. I would like to know how it is, because I have enough trouble keeping my current psp in my pocket when I skate. *have a 16GB memory. XD loads of music*

kenjix3599d ago

if you listen to music you never have to lose your space in a game because of the save state feature and the included 16GB let's you get upto 32Gb of storage. Also it's much much much smaller than the 3000, you'll probably forget it's in your pocket.

Serial_EDX3599d ago

sweet, thanks for the reply. I might end up getting one after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.