New Metroid Prime 3 details and screenshots

Some new details and screenshots of Metroid Prime 3, the upcoming Nintendo Wii shooter, have been released by Nintendo today.

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PS360WII4590d ago

Good good. Getting these updates just means that it's closer to being finalized!

ItsDubC4590d ago

Ya I can't wait to pick this one up. I just read an article written by someone who was doubting whether MP3 would have online play or not but if MP: Hunters for the DS had it, isn't it pretty much a given that this game would have it?

neogeo4590d ago

That was the best last boss I have ever played.
I want a remake

eques judicii4590d ago

color me unimpressed by the screenies... jaggies everywhere and very low res textures...

bootsielon4590d ago


Red Steel sucked, will this have online player better than anything before? I want a reason to buy this game, as in "more players in one match than Resistance fall of Man and with a better storyline" or "Better multiplayer gameplay than Halo" or "Gears of Wars Graphics". Those things make a FPS, and I doubt MP3 will have any of those. The Storyline reminds me of StarFox Adventures (i.e. low production values).

ItsDubC4590d ago

It's always harder to please someone who has passed premature judgment, but you're only doing yourself a disservice if you choose not to be open-minded enough to give this game a chance.

ChickeyCantor4590d ago

dude, its never been a FPS shooter, it wasn't the developers main goal.
it wasn't suppose to be a standard FPS.

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