Where are the Wii first person shooters?

Nintendo Dpad:
"When the Nintendo Wii was first unveiled with its motion controls, the media immediately envisioned it to be the go-to console for first person shooters. Although, 3 years later and the Wii has only seen a handful of first person shooters, most with either subpar production values or hurried ports of hd iterations. So, where are all the Wii first person shooters?"

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ndpad3594d ago

When the Wii was announced I envisioned more fps's than what we have right now.

Kinda wish Nintendo has it's own fps franchise. Nintendo has a franchise in every other genre.

SpoonyRedMage3594d ago

Metroid is more of an adventure game but the online multiplayer worked great for Hunters. It's a pity they didn't implement it in Metroid Trilogy(or just Metroid Prime 3).

The Conduit's online multiplayer is great, really competitive, it's campaign's kinda sucky though.

I don't want Modern Warfare Reflex on the Wii either, I played the superior version two years ago. Treyarch could have took the time to make the Wii it's own COD, like EA has done with Need for Speed: Nitro.

Of course we have Water Warfare!

EvilTwin3594d ago

Spoony -- If the COD4 port has Conduit-esque customizable controls, I'll take that over high def graphics any day.

World at War sold pretty well, so hopefully Activision takes Wii seriously from here on out. Maybe we'll see a MW2 port in 6 months or so.

Red Steel 2 could have AAA written all over it. I'm not completely sold, though. I'm just not sure about it. If HVS has learned anything from Conduit, hopefully it's that there's a fine line between a homage and being completely derivative. Just copying L4D isn't going to rock my world.

ndpad3594d ago

Would a port of Modern Warefare 2 even matter to Wii fans? Personally I feel Wii gamers get the shaft, when they should be getting games made specifically for the system.

Blaine3594d ago

They make what their market will buy.

Why spend a fortune making a AAA quality title when it will sell just as well as shovelware? And if there aren't more shooters, it's because they're not selling well.

And if there aren't more of them after The Conduit, then I doubt the trend will ever pick up. These guys made the best shooter they could for the Wii, and if it's not convincing other devs I don't think anything will.

asdr3wsfas3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

COD: WaW sold 1.3 mil and COD 3 sold 1.2m on the wii, both of which are limited ports with sales totals that destroy shovelware.

Devs want the max power to try their new ideas and show how creative or artistic they are...I want to shoot people. The problems is devs are getting used to having that spare processor power and they aren't willing to go back and sacrifice by programming without it.

They don't get that the new controls allow for new ideas beyond those obtained by processing power because they're entrenched in the industry and that has been the mentality for years. More power, more features, right? Nintendo has given them a little more power but new controls, but they all live in a pc mindset where mhz or ram determine their programming choices.

New controls blindsided them and we all suffer for it. That PC development mindset is eating away at console gaming and this is a primary example of how. More power for more features, not new imputs for new gameplay...

Ever use the shrieker in the conduit? The gun lets you control the path of the bullets by pointing with the wiimote. This could only be done with the wii but many developers missed it because they were thinking about processing speed and graphics. New possibilities for controls were never considered and so it took years to see a weapon like this (my favorite in the game).

Goomba123594d ago

" That PC development mindset is eating away at console gaming "

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Yoshiii3594d ago

i like wii but fps is very much about graphics and online stuff wii not good at

TheBand1t3594d ago

FPS is all about the gameplay and controls...which is why Counter-Strike 1.6 is still the Godking of FPS gaming.

asdr3wsfas3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Actually on pcs competitive fps players sacrifice graphics for higher framerate. A lot (myself included) turn off AA so the player models stand out at a distance instead of smoothly blending in.

Did you just start playing FPS or something? As the previous poster mentioned CS is still king for a reason. If it was about graphics crysis would have been the dominant pc fps, and it certainly wasn't (though it's still a good game).

The wii has good enough online for an fps. Q3A was barebones. Only modern console fps players want voice chat...I never heard it used in ut2004 except to grief or enjoy the fruits of griefing. It may be used in team games sometimes but even in WoW I refused to speak over vent and instead typed my responses. It's totally pointless and if you're black or jewish an invitation to suffer racial slurs.

The backbone of fps are controls. This is why PC gamers mock fps dual analog users - the entire point of the game is aiming and shooting and sacrificing that is willfully accepting weakened gameplay. Controls are so fundamental to FPS that the fragfx mouse for ps3 is considered cheating by moronic gamers who grew up on offers such an advantage over dual analog that the top player in COD for ps3 worked for the company who made it.

This is why your argument is a joke. People on dual analog fps intentionally aim at the body because the n00b sticks are inaccurate. On the conduit I use the headshot guns (pistol and SCAR) whenever I have the chance because they benefit people who can aim. I've won games by 30 with them...COD MW2 on my ps3 has the graphics and voice chat, but I don't play FPS for pretty pictures or to talk with friends. I play to shoot people in the head. Why do you play fps?

champ213594d ago

gonna have to give you an agree for that post oobob.

though gpus have now become so powerful fps doesnt really slow down no matter how much AA we put on. i play all my fps maxed out.

anyways yea.. analog sticks limit the potential of players. the good players cant really shine from the bad. Reason you cant really get head shots or aim where you like to.. you just gotta aim for the body and hope you get a hit.

IMO for fps there is no replacement for the PC.

analog stick users seriously check out the mouse keyboard setup you have no idea what you are missing out on.

EvilTwin3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

"I don't play FPS for pretty pictures or to talk with friends. I play to shoot people in the head."
-- oobob

And that, IMO, is what separates some "core" gamers from others.

I don't mean it as a slight, but there's a good chunk of people who go online to talk smack with buddies, and they readily cede better controls to better graphics. It's a simple fact -- dual analog has NEVER come close to a mouse/keyboard setup.

The Wii's remote/nunchuck doesn't one-up PC controls, but it's close (and far superior to dual analog). Anyone who has maxed out Conduit's controls can tell you as much. I'm with oobob: I'll take the better controls over eye candy.

And some things you can only do with the Wii remote, like the twisting motion that alters shots in Extraction. Curving shots with the Shrieker in Conduit, as oobob mentioned, also comes to mind. Good luck pulling that off with dual analog.

There's a fertile ground for FPS on Wii. Retro nailed shooting controls, and HVS nailed the customization of them and added a great online component.

Hell, a sequel to a game like XIII is tailor-made for Wii. Devs are just too lazy to do it.

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Ron_Burgundy3594d ago

the wii is gym equipment, if you want FPSs buy one of the HD Twins

Aquarius3594d ago

there's only 1 HD console on the market right now...

you can't be speaking about the flopbox 0.5.

champ213594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

please lets not mentions a pc and console together. there is a difference between 1600p @ 60fps + and sub 720p 20-30fps.

why pay sony a tax when even a mid range pc does it better imo ;-)

t8503594d ago

lol @run_burgundy

ps3 is in the same boat as the 360.

though it does have some good exclusives thats where it all ends.

both are expensive as gaming systems and to be honest not really HD machines. gotta wait till next gen for that.

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Aquarius3594d ago

Because the Wii is not about FPS.
It's about your lifestyle.

Didn't you see the new bike for Wii lol.

asdr3wsfas3594d ago

Like most people who think they're hardcore because they play violent video games, you fail to distinguish between marketing and possible use.

Wii homebrew alone makes it more valuable to programmers than a ps3 slim that can no longer run linux. What, you aren't hardcore enough to code?

madjedi3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

@3.1 And most of the people that wanted that wanted it for linux more than likely got one, so after getting attacked for not being a true game console they pull a feature that is used by a very small percentage and people still complain whatever.

And no devs are not stupid they probably have more education than alot of people on this, so stop whining that devs aren't designing their games around the waggle. Why would they wreak the ps3/360/pc of a game to focus solely on motion controls, if they really want to focus on mc make it exclusive to the wii.

It's nintendo's console they should make fps and show third parties how to make great fps controls for the wii.

If a devs primary market is hd gaming why would they bother putting alot of effort into game on a console that will get them alot less sales than their main market. Just because they are headed in the opposite direction you want doesn't negate the strides they have made.

Great another twit that believes hardcore always= blood and gore, lol true competitive pc fps gamers drop the graphics down so their e-penis kill/death ratio can be as high as possible, i guess anything to gain the edge over the competition right, i'll stick to playing only for fun thx.

Aquarius3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

the DS functions the same as the Wii and my point STANDS.

have fun playing a variation of Wii Fit 3 next year :P
and more stupid accessories to shove in that
hole in the bottom of the fun remote

N4g_null3593d ago

Thnks aq and mad Jedi. We will have lots of fun watching our sexy azz girl friends play wii fit plus this x mas but I forget you guys are not in to girls right or am I wrong.

Red steel has the quake 3 rocket juggle in it where you blast your enemy into the air then switch to a rail and shoot them. Yet it's done with a blade swing then you point at them in the air and shoot them. This is what the wii was made for badazz game play not baby steps in motion control. The HD systems will be getting the baby steps in this direction while the hardcore get red steel 2 and continue to play conduit and other fps that are on the way.

Frankly it does not get any more hardcore than the wii and it actually has e for every one games that even the hardcore can enjoy. Then on top of thatit gives you access to almost all your old games, free online also email, etc.
Yet it stays a console , it is not for movie watcher it is too envolving .

It supports all gamers not just the eye candy gamers on top of that the art on HD consoles isn,t even that creative any more nor is the game play. They just feel like flight sims with guns lol.

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champ213594d ago

ummm no fps on the 360 and ps3 is just a shadhow of what its on the PC.

lets not even mention the 3 together.

360 or the ps3 do 30fps tops on most fps games dipping down to 25fps at heavy scenes... they cant really compare to a pc which is doing anywhere between 90fps to 180fps+ along with mouse keyboard support which actually allows the good players to shine.

ambientFLIER3594d ago

The FPS that matters is COD4, and it's 60fps. Why would anyone care if they are getting 1000fps? It makes no difference since 60 is smooth.

madjedi3593d ago

@4.1 Thank you captain obvious, and can the average human eye actually distinguish anything past 60 fps? thx

I think graphics might hit their peak maybe by late ps5-mid ps6 lifespan, before they get to realistic too play, ie make people disoriented/dizzy in mass.

N4g_null3593d ago

Madjedi stick to starwars man you don't know fps. You need high frame rates to keep the action smooth and persion controls shine with higher sampling rates which is tied to guess what frame rate.

You do realize many HD game auto maticly are lowered from their oringnal frame rate just for analog players? If you game engine can not go faster than what the human eye can see then why are your weapons based on things the human eye can not see?
This effect makes console fps a turn off because they move 2 times slower. In a fps you want to run faster than you can walk In real life. If that can't be done then at least I shouldn't have to use spam kills.

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