PS3 Puts On its Rally Cap

IndustryGamers: 2006 was not a good year for Sony Corp, to say the least. Coming off of a year where Sony BMG endured a scandal about rootkits, the consumer electronics division reported problems in its digital camera charge-coupled devices, Sony Pictures issued a recall of DVDs with ARccOS Protection and the company was sued over faulty laptop batteries, Sony Computer Entertainment was then tasked with releasing the PS3 against the Wii, in what many said pitted an expensive, backwards thinking console against a cheaper, innovative competitor. With Sony Computer Entertainment (the "jewel" in Sony's crown) floundering, many pundits were willing to throw dirt on Sony's coffin right then and there.

Flash forward to the present day, where in contrast to the system's launch, the stars finally seem aligned for the PS3 to perform well. While it hasn't always been pretty for Sony this generation, we think they are well positioned to perform from this point forward. It's still hard to say that they'll beat out Microsoft or Nintendo in the long term, but we think that the PS3 will at least be competitive every month from this time forward.

Several factors have changed for the better with regards to the PS3. We've listed them on the following pages, plus corresponding detail for where the PS3 stood during its launch in 2006.

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Wallonsi3595d ago

Well Sony knows what they are doing.