Splinter Cell: Conviction multiplayer "you will be happy" says dev

Lead designer working on Splinter Cell Conviction says "you will be happy". Confident or will the multiplayer be utterly amazing?

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Tompkins3598d ago

I can already see the possibilities. This is going to be awesome and when coupled with an excellent single player gamers should be well pleased... well Xbox 360 gamers at least for now. Surely this is going to come to PS3 eventually.

Blaster_Master3598d ago

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Like I said before. Let the product do the talking for you. D

ProA0073598d ago

What is so hard about getting "True exclusive" past some people's head? This is NOT coming to the PS3. It really IS a Microsoft exclusive.

Blaze9293598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I cant wait for this game. I just know its going to be amazing. Slap Tom Clancy on it (as long as it isnt a RTS) and I'm buying. Just love the TC games.

Also, if there is co-op anything at ALL like Chaos Theory then OMG I'm going to jizz.

kwicksandz3598d ago

I hope it turns out like the chaos theory MP mode. That was very unique.

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MetalGearBear 3598d ago

MGSR>Splinter Cell: Conviction

talltony3598d ago

Cause you can only play MGSR? come on Conviction will most likely be the better game this time. Conviction is the only 360 game I really want.

NecrumSlavery3598d ago

Hope multiplayer is like Uncharted 2. But they can do Spies vs. Agents.
Really like traversing terrain and scaling building in take down an enemy.
Also Splinter Cell Co-op missions would be kickazz

Blaze9293598d ago

Like Uncharted 2 o_O?...have you ever played a Splinter Cell game?

siyrobbo3598d ago

ps3 fans cant go into any thread wothout mentioning either uncharted 2 or GT5

MegaPowa3590d ago

You got that right! it gets really annoying to :/

mrv3213598d ago

Dev says something positive about their game isn't really new.

Perjoss3598d ago

I'd be happier if they explained why i'm going to be happy about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.