Sony Brand Loyalists: Get Your Playstation Compatible Mobile Phone Today

PushSquare: "Howard Stringer was not messing when he said he wanted to make Sony's various brands more interconnected. Cue today's release of the Aino, Sony Ericsson's Playstation compatible mobile phone. Did we mention, the thing looks sexy as hell! But how should it interest us Playstation 3 owners?"

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dale13601d ago

i,m buying it when it hits the uk,just got the psp go its a great bit of kit no more carrying umd discs around,only one problem with the go is the store pricing its cheaper on umd on the older games as well as some new one,s but in saying that theres no messing around looking for what you want

kratos1233601d ago

can you play minis on it

ChozenWoan3601d ago

Yea it's too bad Sony didn't just give the PSPgo 3G wireless support, heck cellular support would have been nice. They could have killed two birds with one stone and everyone would have been happy. Portable gaming and a great phone all in one package, but nooooo, that would have been too much like right. It's no wonder the iPhone and PSP are the same price, yet iPhones are flying off the shelf. >=(

nix3601d ago

hmm... have been thinking of upgrading my phone for a while. it looks interesting though.

RAVEN813600d ago

i would love this phone 8.1 mp camera

sikbeta3600d ago

Time to change my cell phone again, in black will look amazing