VGChartz vs. NPD Round 2 and plus Q&A with Ioi

A couple weeks ago, VGChartz showed off the new weekly North American sales charts at VGChartz and compared them to the publicly available NPD data for March. Now, we revisit the comparison now that the NPD numbers for April have been published.

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Robotz Rule4754d ago

Good for Nintendo!

Getting one as soon as SSB comes out!:)

But shame on ebay sellers who sell consoles on ebay!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

VGcharts = Bullsh!t
NPD = respectable buisness

VGcharts = ran by "fanboys"
NPD = they do more than just Video games.

VGcharts = inaccurate numbers with absolutely no proof and no contact legal information.
NPD = make there calculations public for everyone to see, legal information found on front page.

The NPD Group
900 West Shore Road
Port Washington, NY 11050
516-625-0700 (no such thing for VGcharts)

VGcharts = only used by Sony fans in comments sections and forums
NPD = used by business around the world

VGcharts = Fanboy forums (why do they have forums?)
NPD = market research only

ITR4754d ago

VGcharts gets props from most videogame mags and currently they are only off by about 15-17% on avg.

NPD also doesn't account for Wal-Mart...which is a big part missing.

Husso4753d ago

vgcharts are a bunch of kiddy wii ass kissing fools.