VideoGamer: LostWinds: Winter of Melodias Review

Winter of the Melodias is a beautiful game, and, at times, surprisingly emotional. There are moments Toku shares with his mother that are particularly gut-wrenching. One in particular, experienced later in the game, puts more illustrious moments from fully voice acted triple-A video games to shame. The combination of a superb, Aztek-influenced art style and a wistful score is almost impossible to resist.

There are loads of smile-inducing little details: Toku falling asleep by his mother's side when the controller is left alone; non-player characters yelping as your gusts of wind lift them off of their feet; the well-written, almost tragic scattered pages of Magdi's journal. All these elements combine to form a single, heartfelt whole. Indeed, the game's overall aesthetic is so powerful that Winter of the Melodias might well be one of the most beautiful games ever created.

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