Crispy Gamer Review - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Late in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, all the gunplay and Tomb Raidering and calculated snappy banter about Chloe's ass suddenly stop. The hero strolls through a serene village. Along the way, he can pet the livestock, play with children, and watch the women go about their work. They don't speak English and he doesn't speak their language. There is no direct communication, and the game knows better than to provide subtitles. It's pure character. A village, its people and this newcomer, all bemused at each other. It's an example of how expressive Uncharted can be when it trusts its characters.

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nix3601d ago

i think he was looking for a Cannes winning story. well.. buddy you're in a wrong industry then. and i won't be surprised if he complains about Heavy Rain... because it's too serious. whatever helps you sleep in the night.

ngg123453601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

And how they will destroy high scoring games just to get hits. All these fanboys will be upset.

mastiffchild3601d ago

Yopu love premeditated scores and reviews? Ones done just for the sake of controversy? The kind which feed off of fanboyism AND feed it?

Each to their own, I guess, but it's a trait I find increasingly embarrassing for the smaller site around town and rather than making me wnt t go vack next time I make a mental note not to trust them and without trust and credibility you have no vusiness writing reviews of anything. Being deliberately contrary(as I believe CG still are)is not the way to influence people-esp not as a smaller site and is a sure way to hamper your growth, imo.

A shame that he had to find fault with the storytelling when most games stories are a total mess and U2 has been lauded far and wide for it's COMPARATIVELY good spinning of a yarn-less convincing than GT's "innovation" shtick, imo, but one, again, that he cannot be applying to every other game he reviews or NONE would meet his approval. If ND's storytelling is poor enough to merit this not being a Buy just how many other games would you have to avoid like the plague cos of their's? The voice acting in ODST f'rinstance or the countless games with amnesiac heroes? If he didn't like the game then fair enough but when most other games can't tell a tale at all why single it out as a fault in one of the better games at the job?

Not only willingly controversial then but also lazy. Don't even try next time and you'll be better off.

Isaac3601d ago

Nothing you say from now on is credible

bnaked3601d ago

lol, they are fools..

sikbeta3601d ago

Crispy Gamer is trying really hard