German city puts video games in the dump

Video games are a popular target for those who see monocausal correlations between youth violence and video games. A group of German anti-game protesters plans to set up a garbege container in the German city of Stuttgart where parents and kids shall dump their violent video games.

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Bereaver3601d ago

Ohhh dear god, I mean really. What do they honestly think this will do? I mean, listen, I'm really not trying to bring it up like this, but it has to be asked. What were they thinking when Hitler was doing his thing? There wasn't any damn video games like this around.

If they want to do something. Eliminate gangs, eliminate the overuse of drugs and bear, and eliminate the stupid people like this, thinking games cause violence.

The only people that are effected by games, are those with an already ill attitude towards life, and are considered mentally disabled to a certain degree.

Ok, so maybe there are some pre-pube children out there that will try something. But that's their parent's fault. Throwing the games away is only going make things easier for the parents that are bad parents to begin with.

BenCrazy4243601d ago

Since video games, murders, carjackings, and violent crimes have dropped by half.