Last Week's UK Charts

Spidey stays on top, Crackdown helped by Halo 3 beta.

Helped by the fact that it webbed its way across every platform known to man, Spider-Man 3 retained the top sales spot in the UK through last Saturday, May 19. It was watched closely by EA's Command & Conquer 3, which also squatted its second-place ranking. Crackdown saw a surge to the quaternary position, propelled by the playable Halo 3 beta that launched last Wednesday. The only other outlier may have been Gears of War, which roadie-ran its way back into the rankings at 15. Look below for the sum, compiled by Chart Track.

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gta_cb4754d ago

"Whats also interesting to see is Crackdowns huge jump from 11th right up to 3rd. Now that wouldn't be anything to do with the Halo 3 BETA now then would it?" lol
its not just the beta, its also cos of the new DLC and please dont disagree as i have seen alot of people in online co-op games on Crackdown since the update (DLC). But yeh its obviously to do with the Beta ASWELL, not just because of the beta.

has anyone tried the BTB? (8v8)